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  1. M@ster P

    wanna have a faith

    +1 Man created religion because man thinks that there must be something more than the mundaness of daily life, they say there has to be something more than my boring job, theres gotta be something more than this, there has to be. So mans invents symbols, rituals, prayers, heaven, hell, god...
  2. M@ster P

    Tuition Hours per Week

    I don't think there is anything wrong with tutoring. As some have posted it helps to re-enforce concepts which you learnt at school and see things in a different way if perhaps you studied it by yourself. The only thing wrong is if you totally rely on tutoring and don't do any of your own self...
  3. M@ster P

    some one who got a 97.30 ATAR without studying?

    lol ask the op to post a photo :P
  4. M@ster P

    Going to be short of 91 atar?

    You certainly can. From what I have experienced and observed there are two systems which allow you to increase your chances to gain entry in engineering or specifically civil in your case. First is the bonus point system which I'm pretty sure your aware of, the uni awards you up to a bonus of up...
  5. M@ster P

    Full time work and uni?

    depends on the course, like doing full time work and full time engineering, i don't think is possible
  6. M@ster P

    Is it really hard to get credit wam in first year?

    they prob smart enough just too lazy to do the work
  7. M@ster P

    What are the major disadvantages of taking a gap year?

    a disadvantage could be after a year of not studying, you cbf going back to study and abandon uni altogether which is unlikely but could happen
  8. M@ster P

    Tutorials and Lectures..

    I think she means for every lecture there is a tutorial. If that is the case then it depends on your course. For me there is usually 5 hours per subject a week, with 4 hours of those lectures and 1 hour tutorial. Usually there is only one tutorial per week
  9. M@ster P

    The Tennis Thread

    Re: The Official Tennis Thread dam you djoker!! where's spiderman!
  10. M@ster P

    Engineering Graduate Course... Another 4 years???

    no it won't take another four years. Because first year is basically common to all engineering degrees, and so you won't have to do those subjects again.
  11. M@ster P

    thoughts on these courses?

    1. If your concerned with more of the aesthetics of the structure (like how it looks) then do architecture. 2. If your concerned with why and how the structure stands up, do civil engineering. 3. About the level of maths, I did 3 unit in high school and I did fine in all math courses. 4. About...
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    Can I have please some advice about Civil Engineering? Thanks.

    Re: Can I please have some advice about Civil Engineering? Thanks. Ok first of all I had similar questions that you have about civil engineering when I was in high school. 1. Like you, I only did 3 unit maths and I did ok in it. In first year civil you will do two math subjects math1131...
  13. M@ster P

    how to deal with annoying room mates?

    first invent a time machine, kill yourself, then use the time machine to go back in time, kill your roomate and his gf and urself again. repeat if necessary
  14. M@ster P

    Is Having A Boyfriend In High School Really Necessary?

    what happens if all the teachers are female? - FriedRice1
  15. M@ster P

    70 WAM. Easy or difficult?

    how much effort would be needed to get 85+ wam then lol?
  16. M@ster P

    PHYS1121 or PHYS1131?

    lmao for the phys midsem I was lucky to be in the company of some international students. One super smart guy did the test first and then the rest followed. They started to write equations on maple so it would just be matter of typing in the different numbers, talk about efficiency! needless to...
  17. M@ster P

    PHYS1121 or PHYS1131?

    lol we may be lucky but its not gonna be funny when our poor knowledge of physics results in buildings collapsing!
  18. M@ster P

    Semester One Results/Predictions

    what u mean? theres like a ban thats why we cant see our maths marks