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    It's with telstra/bigpond for $70/month and it does just slow down if I go over
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    I am moving out of home and am looking into purchasing a USB type thing for internet. I'm completely computer illiterate and was just wondering if you guys thing 12GB per month will be enough? I only really use my internet for social networking, email and reading blogs however I may need it for...
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    People at uni doesn't seem really smart

    Apparently I have no common sense haha
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    So how long does it take you to get to uni and back?

    Anyone know how long it would take from Gymea-Central via train?
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    Post Your 2011 Semester 1 Timetable Here

    For Journalism most Fridays have classes all day (9-4) with guest speakers at lunch, so the timetable doesn 't really matter. On the one of four or so Fridays where classes are not like this I'm kind of glad I have a gap, my reason being that apart from that I'm not at the university much and...
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    SOR1 or Catholic Studies..?

    I pretty much didn't do anything in class. We got a massive booklet with notes on everything possible and I basically just crammed the night before assessments and exams (I may have a good memory though); I got 1st. It really doesn't require much work.
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    Post Your 2011 Semester 1 Timetable Here

    Most Fridays are 9-4 regardless of timetable
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    UTS: Enrolment for Subjects... help?

    I've helped 2 people with this, the subject bank is usually that of your major and will not show electives as these are undertaken later in your degree. You are supposed to enrol in subjects for your FIRST YEAR- that is, autumn and spring semesters. I think UTS requires that you enrol in 24cp...
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    handwriting or typing notes?

    Typing. Reasons: -More legible, especially when tired -Easy to edit (yet in my case wasted a lot of paper) -Typing up class notes excellent in maximising retention -Found system much neater -Much easier to organise I typed up class notes at the end of each day, having a file for each...
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    HSC Studies of Religion I Notes

    Happy to offer my notes if anyone wants (1st)... inbox me?
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    Early January Round Offers

    Offer to UTS Communications (Journalism)/International Studies but stupid UTS website won't let me enrol online because apparently my DOB and name is wrong...
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    English Advanced Resource - by Chromatic

    I have LOTS of resources on: AOS (Skrzynecki) and ORTs Franky/Bladerunner Speeches Julius Caesar and ORTs 96 exam and assessment mark- if you're interested inbox me.
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    [B] Poems- belonging

    I used the poem Be Good, Little Migrants by Uyen Loewald (really hard to find- if you have trouble inbox me) and the film Beneath Clouds by Ivan Sen
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    Food Technology

    For what areas of Food Technology?
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    After accepting offers for our courses, when are we able to organise our timetable and does this have to be done in person? (I live 5 hours away from UTS :S) Also, does anyone know if obtaining UTS' Vice Chancellor Merit Scholarship would give you preference in this regard (I don't think it does...
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    Top Achievers in Course List

    Thank you, so so happy.
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    Students doing Ancient History: Quick Question.

    PRIVATE HOUSES: Private buildings= buildings assoc. w/ accommodation + business. w/in 1 insula or block= many types of housing + variety of businesses or 1 enormous private house consumer whole block. Typical P insula: • 5 houses w/ gardens • 4 shops, 2 of which belonged to an ironmonger +...
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    The Disappointment Thread - Cry here...

    Apparently heaps of people drop out of International Studies and thus it is easy to transfer into. What country were you hoping for?
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    Course preferences everyone?

    B Communications (Journalism)/International Studies at UTS. B Communications (Journalism) at UTS :)
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    bonus marks

    Correspondence from UAC. I'm pretty sure you can receive a maximum of 5 bonus points for UTS. I may be wrong.