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  1. girlworld_club

    Looking for Lecture slides USYD PHSI2006

    from last year or years previous. will pay :) need to prep ahead. message me or comment below.
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    Looking to buy Esl essays or direct me

    To where I can get them for free. Cheers
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    When is the last day you can re-enrol in usyd?

    I'm going on holidays again, and have just come back from them. Haven't had much time. When is the last day i can re-enrol in usyd (first to second year). Also if i just pick dummy subjects to re-enrol will it show up on any documents, transcripts. etc.
  4. girlworld_club

    Chem textbooks

    yes, i am an advocate of the humble textbook! You can never have too many. (within reason)
  5. girlworld_club

    Intellectual Movies

    if by intelligence you mean thought provoking, Most international miramax films are great. E.g life is beautiful, cinema paradiso. Good will hunting is actually a film on the raw concept of intelligence. It's quite good in my opinion. Clue (1985, i think) is a crap movie if you're not engaging...
  6. girlworld_club

    30 percentile in Medentry, UMAT in a week

    either your sarcasm is so advanced that you have us all fooled into thinking you actually believe this, or...
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    Proability question - 2010 trials

    this brings back memories...i posted the exact same question up when i was doing hsc. never understood it.
  8. girlworld_club

    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    Yep :) All good everything has been solved.
  9. girlworld_club

    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    That's what i got, the book completely stuffed me up for 2 hours thinking i was wrong. P.s THANKS HEAPS :)
  10. girlworld_club

    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    since this thread has derailed i also wanted to ask the values for which 1/((x^2)+1) is concave up and concave down? i would appreciate full working since i have spent ages and can not get the answer provided.
  11. girlworld_club

    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    this could be solved with logs right? 2^x^2+1=6
  12. girlworld_club

    How to solve x*e^2x=4

    solving for x. I'm having a brain freeze with this question.
  13. girlworld_club

    Are course echoes i.e lecture recordings ever removed?

    don't think so, but curious to know?
  14. girlworld_club

    Virgin suicides book for related text?

    maybe watch the movie to get a feel of central ideas and if appropriate as a related text read the book.
  15. girlworld_club

    Biology 2013ers MARATHONN

    Remember that haemophilia is a sex linked disease which is carried on the X. I also believe it is recessive (This will only help with allocating letters).
  16. girlworld_club

    Does God exist?

    I can't stand people chucking the bible verse of loving one's neighbour when debating the issue of same-sex marriage. Christians do not hate ON gays, they hate the act of being Gay. To get this very simple concept in your mind, think of it as if your Mum was a smoker. Do you hate your mum...
  17. girlworld_club

    Does God exist?

    It is impossible to prove the existence of God without the concretion of faith. I myself am a Christian, and my strong belief can not be explained simply. There may not be any scientific evidence to prove his existence, but God delves far beyond the physical realm we know of. I have seen his...
  18. girlworld_club

    USYD Roll Call 2014

    Bachelor of science/Master of nutrition and dietetics. Year 1 scared and excited at the same time.