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  1. risole91

    your current favourite song

    Arcade fire - Rebellion (lies)
  2. risole91

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    I'm good man, moving to 'merica in 6 weeks. MATT! It won't let me rep you, fml fml.
  3. risole91

    Album of the Decade?

    My favourite album of the decade is Watch Out by Alexisonfire. But to say it's 'The Best' is too much.
  4. risole91

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    Are you going!?! Sweet. Lyounamu, how have you been?
  5. risole91

    Brand New, March 25 2010

    Daisy, at the bottom and in a jar?
  6. risole91

    How often do you go to the gym?

    I go 5 days; with a 4 day split
  7. risole91

    The best movie lines

    What would you do with a million dollars? What would I do with a million dollars; Man, two chicks at the same time man.
  8. risole91

    Soundwave Festival 2010

    Would pretty much go just for alexisonfire
  9. risole91

    gella :shy:

    gella :shy:
  10. risole91

    Brand New - Daisy

    Leaked this morning. Anyone else have it? I've been waiting with much anticipation for this album. It's different to what I was expecting, but I still love it.
  11. risole91

    So Guy's.. I need a Job

    I do, I do.
  12. risole91

    So Guy's.. I need a Job

    im gonna grind out omie's idea.
  13. risole91

    So Guy's.. I need a Job

    I'd be happy with woolies, coles. To be honest, any sort of job retail or cashier wise.
  14. risole91

    So Guy's.. I need a Job

    Thanks kylie. Yeah i have to make a resume tomorrow, going to be effort. I'll speak to a few of my friends!
  15. risole91

    So Guy's.. I need a Job

    Long time no thread. I need a job, prefer to be in some kind of retail. I kind of have a job already - playing tennis. People pay me $25 an hour to play against them...but only between 3-5 in the afternoons. I used to play tennis all day, from 8-2, but i stopped. Now i'm bored at home, so I...
  16. risole91

    Quitting Smoking

    Good luck player.
  17. risole91


    I dead lift sometimes before i work out. Its pretty important, as it works alot of muscles.
  18. risole91

    one time, i ate a apple.

    one time, i ate a apple.
  19. risole91

    How do you know when it's time to move on?

    Move to florida. Become a gater. Win.
  20. risole91

    Happy Bday :)

    Happy Bday :)