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  1. Albertingu

    When are we expected to prove a maximum?

    Yeah this. Though most of the time it is just as easy to find the second derivative.
  2. Albertingu

    The hsc motivational rap, yes we can!

    Ima asian gansta This rap is shit, u needa real skit. Ima mix it, ima fix, turn around, you've been bound, you were lost like a hound but now you're found. This is it, rise up, fix it up, Are u rdy for the hsc? Nup. Crazy nerd, runin round like bird with no herd, fuk u, ure poo, thinking ure...
  3. Albertingu

    When do we get to access Students Online?

    Jajaja silli boi we 2010 hsc
  4. Albertingu

    Sexism against guys...

    Shut :angry:
  5. Albertingu

    Sexism against guys...

    Womans shoold be treeted equal to mans. Bible say "Be careful if you make a woman cry, because god counts her tears. the woman came out of man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be his equal. Under his arm to be protected and next to...
  6. Albertingu

    Benefits of doing X2 english ?

    Chouse this for yeer 12 goud subjekt fun gould and exsite. :)
  7. Albertingu

    13 years of our lives leading up to this moment..

    I do this but this normale you have need this to relacks sometime
  8. Albertingu

    What Excercise Did You Do Today?

    Me did 400 push 250 situp 70kilograem bench 96 sqaat 20 midle leg strech 5 burps (this very chalenge)
  9. Albertingu

    Bringing two calculators in the HSC exam?

    Noo you only alow 1 cackulatour, jajajaja you sily boi
  10. Albertingu

    13 years of our lives leading up to this moment..

    Procrackstinators? Whats this means?
  11. Albertingu

    13 years of our lives leading up to this moment..

    I agrii! I works at KFC and this help me understand language engliash beta I go to college now i will have expeeriience of kfc to help this acomplish of college. Thank for poast
  12. Albertingu


    f'"(x) give cocavtiy
  13. Albertingu

    This troo i black

    This troo i black
  14. Albertingu

    What books can help you understand belonging?

    Bibel show riligion belong...goud one this Another goud is Hary Pota...this show magic belongness Hope help this
  15. Albertingu

    You group so sweet :)

    You group so sweet :)
  16. Albertingu

    How to tell if SHE loves you?

    And if she say she hot but it not rely hot wether
  17. Albertingu

    How fast are YOU going now?

    Have slowist uploade
  18. Albertingu

    SAM is broken again!

    Re: whats wrong with advanced SAM brocken