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  1. BamBam90

    Psychology Subjects

    Thank you! You've both cleared a lot of things up for me.
  2. BamBam90

    Psychology Subjects

    Hi all! I just got accepted into the Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and i was having a look around the uni website to find out what my first semester subjects are going to be. However, as much as i search, the only thing i can come up with is that i only have the one subject for my first...
  3. BamBam90

    UOW 2009 Roll Call

    Bambam90 Rebecca Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) 2009 :headbang:
  4. BamBam90

    Post Your 2009 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at the University of Wollongong :headbang:
  5. BamBam90

    Animorphs or Goosebumps?

    Goosebumps, hands down.
  6. BamBam90

    Pan's Labyrinth

  7. BamBam90


    Those who are glad they never have to do drama theory again, say I. I!!!!!!!!
  8. BamBam90

    Your bedroom during the H.S.C =]

    I must say i have killed A LOT of trees during the HSC. My walls were absolutely COVERED in paper. This is including both sides of my wardrobe door and my most of my window. I turned my dresser into another table and that, along with my actual table, is completely FILLED with papers...
  9. BamBam90

    I am the only one that got raped by that exam?

    I left an hour early. I died. And then I had legal. I died again.
  10. BamBam90


    I've been up all night. And surprisingly, i'm not tired.... Meh, it's a good thing :) I think.
  11. BamBam90

    Which Bio option did you do for 2008?

    Human story. :D
  12. BamBam90

    anyone else fkd?

    Totally Screwed!
  13. BamBam90

    Favourite Harry Potter Book

    1.) Prisoner of Azkaban (3rd) 2.) Half-Blood Prince (6th) 3.) Philosopher's Stone (1st) 4.) Order of the Pheonix (5th) 5.) Deathly Hallows (7th) 6.) Goblet of Fire (4th) 7.) Chamber of Secrets (2nd)
  14. BamBam90

    2008 HSC Timetable

    Re: Two exams in the same day? Biology and Legal. In 3 days. Ho shit.
  15. BamBam90

    Jodi Picoult

    LOL! *hugs*
  16. BamBam90

    I am scared

    LOL! :rofl:
  17. BamBam90

    UAI's, is anyones bellow 90?

    My expectations have changed. I started aiming for 90. Now i'm praying that i'll get 80.
  18. BamBam90

    How many people are there in your classes?

    Studies of Religion I - 19 (and there are 3 classes) English Adv - 20 (2 classes) Mathematics - 22 Biology - 19 (2 classes) Drama - 12 Legal - 22
  19. BamBam90

    English exams..

    Does anyone know how much each exam is worth? I mean, is Paper I 50% and Paper II 50% or is it weighed differently? Also, in Paper II, is each module weighed the same?
  20. BamBam90

    Poll : Raw Marks

    Section I: 9 (if i even get there.) Section II: 12-ish Section II: 12-ish Overall: 33/45 maxx