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    UNSW average UMAT??

    yeah around 97- i wouldnt be surprised if it was 98...
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    JCU Med Interview Offers 2014

    I got my med interview email today!!!
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    Crime 15 mark predictions?

    I think it will be evaluate the effectiveness of the law in achieving justice but now when i think of it, they've kinda circled around the CIP and CJS not for young offenders.... :/
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    2014 HSC Mathematics Solutions

    wut... 360-27=333? why are you adding 11 to 360?
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    Crime 15 mark predictions?

    Only because I haven't seen them ask international crime or young offenders before. I mean it can still be related to the criminal investigation and trial process.
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    Crime 15 mark predictions?

    Since I can't find a thread about predictions for the crime essay, what do you think it will be this year? I think it'll be on international crime or young offenders.
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    Question 15 c) i)

    so there are people saying that x= 1/2 but I got x=1/2(lnm/2)? So what's the correct solution? and yes i did get m=2e for the next part with my answer.
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    How many pages for each module

    12,6,12 (6-7 words a line) fkn mod b omg
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    UOW employment for law grads vs ANU

    then why is the demand at usyd and unsw so high then?
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    UOW employment for law grads vs ANU

    but surely law firms/employees care about which uni you graduated from yeah?
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    UOW employment for law grads vs ANU

    According to the UOW website, it says that their students have a high employment rate. How true is this actually? Would you rather go to ANU law or UOW law lol
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    [orwell] prediction of specified essays

    is there no one doing orwell's essays omg
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    Young Writers Showcase 14?!

    no you won't you troll
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    UOW Early Entry Interview Results

    i would think that they would lol
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    [orwell] prediction of specified essays

    So what do you guys think will be the specified essay (if any) for this year?
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    Showcase Announced!

    no, they're announced in december after hsc results are posted...
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    Young Writers Showcase 14?!

    i emailed BOS and this is what they said:
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    Looking for an English Ext I and II tutor!

    Hi there, I'll be starting year 12 next and would like a highly qualified english tutor/mentor for both ext I and ext II english. For extension I they texts I will be studying are: - 2001: A Space Odyssey - Neuromancer - Brave New World And for extension II I'll be writing a short story...
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    Should I drop back to 2U maths?!?! :/

    sydney boys; i agree with strawberrye- doing only 10 units is risky. I guess since 3u maths would only count as 1 unit for me, if i stuff that up i'll (hopefully) have english to cover for me and 2u maths. I'll just see how i'll go throughout the course; if it interferes with my other subjects...
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    Should I drop back to 2U maths?!?! :/

    yeah, the concepts just messes me up :/