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  1. EinstenICEBERG

    Applied Finance w/ Pro Acct or Economics?

    whats the difference between doing bachelor of commerce but with double major (acct + finance) while covering professional accounting accreditation compared to applied finance + professional accounting I know its 1 degree vs 2 degrees as well as applied finance + professional accounting...
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    UAC offers enquiry

    i got an early offer, and i accepted it, can i enroll in this course? If i enrolled in the above course, can I accept another offer in the main round??? thanks
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    Finance electives

    Which finance electives should I choose? Should i choose FINS2643 Wealth Management (6 UOC) / FINS3637 Wealth Mgmt Advice (6 UOC) to get the ASIC requirement Or should i do other electives, would this be better than the above?
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    80% attendance rule

    80% meaning you only allowed to skip 2 classes ye?
  5. EinstenICEBERG

    should i leave TABL1710/INFS1602

    should i leave TABL1710/INFS1602 till 3rd year? and do other non-wam killer subjects to make my WAM look higher for applying for internship
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    commerce/graudate enquiry

    i'm doing commerce single degree I was wondering if 3rd year WAM even matter (assuming we just pass), if we apply for graduate position at the beginning of the 3rd year
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    Semester 2 Timetables

    everyone has different dates?
  8. EinstenICEBERG

    Semester 2 Timetables

    is everyone enrollment date on the 5th of May?
  9. EinstenICEBERG

    Semester 2 Timetables

    when is semester 2 enrolment opened?
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    TABL and CPA courses

    are you doing finance/accounting major?
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    Thinking of transferring to UNSW???HELP???

    distinction grade should get you in (75 WAM)
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    Please Help, Finance questions

    except this is for a quiz
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    Econ 1202 help plz

    scenario 1: 50,000 scenario 2: 20,000 + 20,000 at end of year 2 + 20,000 at end of year 4 solutions: Discount the two future payments to present values and add the deposit to arrive at a total present value of the second option. PV = FV / (1+i)^n PV = $20,000 / (1.08)^2 PV =...
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    change tutorial class

    what's the latest day to change class, i can't find it~
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    yes pay through ANZ gate using your credit card and it says amount and you type in the amount of the SSAF (145) it will then automatically deduct the SSAF amount in 1-3 days depending on the bank, leaving with the uni debt left =)
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    alright, been confirmed, it works, paid through ANZ Gate~
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    no idea.. just paid the 145 today. but it havent been deducted yet~
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    Ok i will try paying for it.. nekminnit 4000 dollars gone.
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    ye i want pay upfront, i press the pay, but it seems like its to pay the whole thing not just $145