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  1. Book Freak

    Section IV - Historical Periods

    I Bloody wellhope so, cos I did about 2 (Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby!) B was the Delian League one right?
  2. Book Freak

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    ooohhh, you did Themistocles, i didn't study him enough so I did the DL essay, I recon band 5-6 *fingers crossed*
  3. Book Freak

    What areas did you study and how many pages did you write?

    I did: Sparta: about 7 pages (didn't really count) Greek world (500-440 BCE): 6 pages Pericles: about 7-8 pages The Delian league question was interesting, it was, "to what extent did the Delian League fulfil it's aims?" (or similar)
  4. Book Freak

    Harder test this year?

    I was so confused when I did the multiple choice, I was going "C, C, C, C, B, C... THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!!!" still, from what i heard a lot of ppl had the same answers, so maybe it was! One girl in my year ran out of time and guessed the entire multiple choice, nice one
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    the columns were corinthion?!? DAMNIT! I said they were Ionian!!, still i gave 3 so maybe I can still scavenge a few marks
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    my 10 marker can be summarised in a few words 'tourism is a neccesary evil' i did intro, p1. manipulation of evidence for tourist enjoyment, p2. theft of evidence by tourists, conclusion
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    The Board Of Studies Is A Joke

    even if you divide it by two, i'm not very good at maths (*gulp* tomorrow) but i don't think 1000 divided by 2 = 3
  8. Book Freak

    When is your last exam, and what are doing right after it?

    Tuesday the 27th (I know) NOTHING!!!!! for the first time, NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!! I'll probably start worying about my uni auditions the next day and practicing a whole lot (B music)
  9. Book Freak

    The Board Of Studies Is A Joke

    I don't think the exam system is accurate, serioulsy, think of how many hours studying you do, then add it with the hours of school (1000 a year, including study periods) and you have to express all the effort and knowledge in a 2-3 hour exam. It's absurd.
  10. Book Freak

    Tell of teacher you hate after last exam

    I'm not, cos they've all done their best to teach us, mostly, i got a couple of them T-shirts (they say stuff like "mmmmmmm π" (pi) or "I think in Iambic pentameter")
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    Are you jinxing bad marks? cos i was soooo convinced of failure before paper 1 and then I did, probably the best I've ever done, the quote for the narritive was made for my story and i got 8 pages on my essay (I usually get 3-4)
  12. Book Freak

    The Board Of Studies Is A Joke

    what was the actual problem with the religion paper? (genuine question, not taking the piss) All I've heard was that it didn't follow the syllabus, were the questions 'answerable'? or just unexpected? For example, in Ad. Eng. paper 2 the Halet essay question was unanticipated but still stuck to...
  13. Book Freak

    Predict Ancient

    I recon maybe something on religion for P & H, possibly street layout, and we all know there'll be SOMETHING on social and ethical issues or methods of conservation and restoration
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    How'd you guys go? I'm so insanley happy with paper 1 but not so sure about paper 2...
  15. Book Freak

    What exam are you most ready for?

    Close run thing between music 1 and Ancient history, probs Music, cos the paper I'm doing's only worth 30% (70%'s relient on the performance I did about 2 months ago)
  16. Book Freak

    Anyone else screwed?!

    My entire HSC is over by the 27th, i feel your pain, and apparently there's one girl who finnishes with the second English exam
  17. Book Freak

    "Pens down"

    They told us we had to wear our uniform. Excuse me a second but, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR YOUR UNIFORM?!?!?! NO F^%@ING WAY!!!!!! WHY US!!!:burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn::burn:
  18. Book Freak

    "Pens down"

    I am going to burn all my books and my uniform (especially that STUPID tie!) and do a tribal dance around it. and possibly cook sausages on the fruits of two years study.
  19. Book Freak

    "Why did Greece go to war with Persia during this time period"

    There are various reasons: - Defence. - Free states under Persian control. etc. But there is also the fact that they had no choice in the matter. Remember the Persians invaded, it was either fight or lie down and let them burn the country to cinders and kill them all. Personally, I think I'd fight
  20. Book Freak

    Spartan Leisure, architecture, art, food and clothing, literature

    We had to do a group activity, in groups of about 3, i was stuck with food (yeah, fun). There were some wonderful one's from the 'leasure activities' group, e.g. "slo-mo fighting" and "kicking messengers into bottomless pits"