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  1. adrenaline rush

    Sparta Summary Notes

    That's UNPOSSIBLE, sorry :bomb: . All the advice I can give you is write out your notes so that YOU understand them- who cares if its ten million pages long. It's probably good to stick to one main answer and just 'refer' to other side points, too.
  2. adrenaline rush

    Tips for Studying PDHPE

    For me PDHPE was just common sense stuff. The best thing for me was to go out and experience my notes for myself, like talking to the receptionist at the doctor's office about health care and practicing managing injuries on friends for sports med. Once you've seen it and done it, it all falls...
  3. adrenaline rush

    Help on Spartan Funerary customs and rituals

    Fair enough.
  4. adrenaline rush

    Help on Spartan Funerary customs and rituals

    Why would you need to write TWO essays? It isn't even the format of the HSC. But anyway, if you have to write that much discuss religion (beliefs, practices, organisation, buildings) first and relate it all to how it influenced funerary practices. In terms of funerary customs as far as i can...
  5. adrenaline rush

    HSC Question: Outline the role of the Kryteia in Sparta society (5)

    The krypteia's role was to keep the helots from revolting, which involved killing those that had the potential for leadership. That's your main point, basically. Look up Plutarch and Plato as your primary sources, and books by modern historians about Sparta as they should all at least refer to...
  6. adrenaline rush

    Good pdhpe textbook

    Excel and Macquarie don't work by themselves, i wouldn't bother with them. Our school used PDHPE Outcomes which was really comprehensive, but most of the info was irrelevant. I'd go with this one, and if you can Health Moves gives a good summary if Outcomes gives you a meltdown.
  7. adrenaline rush


    Nope PDHPE isnt a science. But you get the opportunity to do a bridging course in Uni to cover it. And dw my subject choices were all over the place- as long as you enjoy your subs and can do well in them you're sailing.
  8. adrenaline rush

    Writing Structure in PE

    Preach it brother... AGREE
  9. adrenaline rush

    Sparta- in need of sources- urgently!

    There's also a Heinemann version of the topic that has stuff on Spartan economy. The main sources you should refer to are Plutarch and Xenophon, and seeing its economy go with Aristotle too.
  10. adrenaline rush

    Help: Sparta essay

    That question's practically telling you to put the whole syllabus in an essay! You need to always include both perspectives rather than just those who didn't like the Spartans e.g. Plato vs. Aristotle. Also with the other states, that's not really a part of the syllabus but you could mention...
  11. adrenaline rush

    doubt you've ever thought of this one! re. Persian wars

    That was along the lines of an essay we had to write some time ago- I argued Athens did the most i.e. Themistocles and other naval commanders, Marathon, Hellenic League, and that Sparta only really contributed at Thermopylae (which is most important for the 'Spartan mirage' and has little value...
  12. adrenaline rush

    Really Pleased

    Yeah i found the exam really easy too. But it would be easy to tell who really knows what they're doing and who's bullshitting. I was really happy with the paper- i thought i was gonna do really crap from doing the past exams. But... now i'm free!! :rofl:
  13. adrenaline rush

    Factors Affecting Performance partc

    I really focused on the word 'distinguish' in my answer, where most of it I talked about how the body has to adapt to those immediate responses so it can take harder work. In terms of the specific points eg. oxygen uptake, i only mentioned them rather than going into complete detail and only...
  14. adrenaline rush

    Comparative Multiple Choice Answers

    Okay then, i did my own research :mad1: ALTHOUGH if u type in google search 'define: atherosclerosis' most of the responses refer to fatty build up, those that refer to 'hardening' say the build up is merely a causal factor. And i stick with Wikipedia! B FOREVER!!
  15. adrenaline rush

    Pompeii - I Need Help!!

    Well for me i did terrible in the yr 11 'history and arch' introductory topic but as soon as we started Pompeii i was fine. If ur just starting the topic then just get through most of the course first before u get notes or u'll have an info overload. Also, notes aren't really study unless u do...
  16. adrenaline rush

    Pompeii Q- modern methods and technologies

    I included all the things u guys talked about, but left out Wilhem.... because obviously, i couldn't be bothered trying to spell her name. I also included the Philodemus project where theyre trying to decipher the papri from the Villa of the Papyri with infra-red cameras, and the Neapolis...
  17. adrenaline rush

    what's your worst/best topic?

    In terms of interest: Best: Greek world 500-440BC Worst: Xerxes In terms of marks (generally): Best: Pompeii/Herc Worst: Xerxes If u were wondering my other topic was Sparta. Interesting topic, but pretty tedious to look at their whole history and get ur head around all the myths and...
  18. adrenaline rush

    Greek Period 500-440BC...?!

    Even though my teacher made us focus on the Persian Wars i decided to stick to the DL --> Athenian empire stuff and reject anything to do with PW, mostly because i thought they'd be more lenient if u chose the harder empire qus. Because the D/L question was so easy i think that theory is gone...
  19. adrenaline rush

    sports medicine

    CRAPSICLES. I excluded TOTAPS completely but looking at the syllabus: students learn to perform assessment procedures to determine the NATURE AND EXTENT of injury... blah blah. But the actual dot point that i learnt TOTAPS under was the assessment of injuries (students learn about). Instead i...
  20. adrenaline rush

    what can i hope for- improving performance

    Damn syllabus. Its like u have to know that more than the info itself because u can wing the info. When they said establishing training programs im guessing they just meant that section, rather than describing the seasons of training (not under that heading anyway). So... my answer consisted of...