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    Medicine at usyd with bmedsci at macquarie...

    all the admissions info is here: but basically you need to have a good GPA (5) which is about a credit average and you need to sit the GAMSAT and do pretty well in that, too. it outlines...
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    Latest date to apply for external transfer?

    hey, you need to apply before the UAC closing date which is 13th dec - this is the late closing date so you have to pay a larger fee..
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    ATAR vs. No ATAR

    in general at USYD you can not apply to using anything below a diploma, however i'm pretty sure other institutions accept Cert III and Cert IV, especially when its related to the courses you're applying for. :) hope that helps!
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    How do people who didn't do the HSC figure out what units to take in first year?

    i would probably suggest contacting the university that you get into and asking them what would be best (their admissions office should be familiar with international systems and the science faculty will be able to tell you what units would be best for you with your history
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    If you get accepted in your first choice, will you not get any other offer? what everyone else has been saying, once you get an offer change your preference straight away and you might receive other offers. not all uni's release offers at all of these dates, this is just a list of every possible offer round.
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    Has anyone recieved an early offer from USYD/UNSW/MACQ for March,2014?

    hey, the only way you receive an early offer at USYD is through the E12 scheme. "The University of Sydney makes the majority of offers in three of the UAC offer rounds – main, late and final (the University also makes offers to some applicants for nursing and visual arts courses and for...
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    if you've done one full time year (8 units / 48 credit points) UAC will take into consideration both your uni results and your ATAR, but if you have done less than 8 units/48 credit points you will only be considered based on your ATAR. depending on how similar the course is you can also apply...
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    Degree choices

    com/sci combined degree gives you way more opportunities to study different subject areas through different faculties (arts, education etc), and you come out with a combined degree rather than just a singular degree, which can help with job prospects. its an extra two years (you're essentially...
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    Design Computing

    I know a few people that have either just graduated or are doing their honours year, job prospects seem to be quite high at the moment (especially compared to other graduates such as law). from what I gather its one of the closest group of students because they only take in about 100 students...
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    USYD 2-unit maths bridging course?

    the bridging course is for people in exactly your situation, so it'll be perfect for you. year 10 maths is pretty basic anyways, I spoke to the coordinator of the course and they said the course works for people who have been away from mathematics for up to 10 years, so you should be good to go.
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    Successful flexible entry application to USYD's BA (Media and Communications)

    My friend is currently doing the BA(MECO) to pursue her interests in PR and marketing, and it's a great course for that, they provide assistance for getting internships etc (she has had 3 different internships through the course and connections she's made). "The Bachelor of Arts (Media and...
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    GPA/WAM needed to transfer to Bachelor of Arts @ USYD/UNSW?

    if you want to get into arts at usyd you need a high pass/credit average to get in, depending on your ATAR. when you apply UAC gives you the best possible combination of your first year uni marks and your ATAR, so if your ATAR was amazing but your uni marks haven't been great it'll be weighted...
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    Want to transfer UWS > UTS/USYD

    Because the ATAR cutoff for the b.IT course is 95 you'd need your first year uni marks to be around that point to have a competitive chance of transfer. if your ATAR was 95+ then you can get away with lower marks. Call the USYD helpline on 1300 362 006, they're really helpful (i work there haha)...