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    So everyone keeps saying doing Ancient, Modern and Extension is too much work?

    I did all three for half of HSC year, as well as four units of English. I dropped Modern before the trials simply due to the amount of reading required. But I had the extra reading for a critical analysis for Ext II Eng, Modern, Ancient, Ext I English as well as the Major Work in Ext Hist and...
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    Agrippina the Younger

    I was VERY lucky. They were our trial questions, and it was almost word for word. Q2 was perfect for History Ext students. I know Q1 came up recently, but I guess it shows what the BoardOS people have been saying this year - learn the course, not the essays or guess the questions...
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    Naming Citric Acid

    My understanding is that it's in alphabetical order but you try to put the smaller numbers groups at the front. Thus the 2-hydroxy blah blah blah. But I could be wrong...In fact this is highly likely. When you look at the structural formula, it makes more sense the way it is named. I think so...
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    What's your critical response about?

    My major work is based on my Prelim Ext I stuff...Supernatural fiction. Basically, I'm discussing the effects of social context on the portrayal of women in this genre. So...Research consists of watching Buffy. Which I haven't done yet... I'm the ONLY ONE in my Ext II class who is doing a...