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    Advice on dropping subjects

    Do the subject that you enjoy more as you're likey to put more effort into it. Good luck! :)
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    How many marks did you lost?

    There's no point in dwelling on it - what's done is done. Focus your efforts on studying for your next exam. :)
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    Confused about this whole leaving early thing.

    Its pefectly fine to leave earlier. Like you said, there is no point sitting for an hour waiting for everyone to finish. I would try to redo some of the questions you thought were harder to make sure you get a consistent answer - you have a better chance of getting a better score. :)
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    What happens If you drop 4U half way through year 12?

    Why don't you ask whether you can take the 2 unit assessments as well, that way you don't have to worry about getting no marks for assessments.
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    Purchasing our exam papers back post-ATAR?

    Ask yourself - is it worth paying $50 to see your raw mark if you can? What value will you get out of it? Once you get your mark, think forward, it takes more effort to dwell in the past.
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    Just started the HSC course?

    Study guides are extermely helpful, however don't spend too much money on buying every study guide out there. These days, there are many websites available where you can obtain study notes and tips. Further, the state education sites have all past exam papers and answers online. Good luck!
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    Study Timetable templates anyone?

    As a guide, on weekdays, one subject in the morning, one at night. For the morning sessions, i used to get up at 6:30am and do an hour of studof a theoretical subject like geography as it is easier to read. Subjects where you need to practice like physics or maths, i would leave for after...
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    Last Minute Advice.

    Study progresively throughout the year. Write your study notes every week and read a few weeks worth every week. Repitition and practice makes perfect. Good luck!
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    how do you guys study for science subjects?

    Science subjects are tough and all require a different technique. With biology, there is no point in cramming as there is always something you'll forget. You already have the right aproach writing study notes - perhaps write them after every week and read a few weeks worth every weekend and...
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    Should I bother studying for SC?

    You should absolutely study for these exams. Sounds like you do need to be a bit more positive and motivated - i recommenrd you read 7 habits of highly effective people. Check out our site for further tips for specific subjects.
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    Keep Maths Extension?

    If it makes you feel any better, i actualy failed this same subject in the trials but ended up getting scaled quite high. Keep it and keep your chin up! Congratulations on passing! Feel free to like visit our site and like our facebook page to keep in touch with the latest resources and tips...
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    Not being accepted into an extension course

    Negotiate with your teachers for you try it out for a term, and then if they still don't think you should do it, then drop it. It's harder for them to remove you from the course then to give you a chance. This also gives you the opportunity to improve on you r writing skills and read plenty of...
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    Have look at Dell...good value and large variety. I have a Dell Vostro, use it every day and have had it for 1.5 years.
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    Take a break before Term 4 Year 11, because really, this term is the first term of year 12. Light study such as maths practice or reading your texts during the summer break is advised so you have a head start. Good luck!
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    Free tutoring?

    Try approaching schools and seeing if they could put an advertisement in their newsletter. Statrt with one school and one grade first, the last thing you want is lots of students responding. I did volunteer tutoring in my first year of uni and tutored a student maths who was clearly...
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    is there such a thing as over-studying??

    Absolutely, the moment your mind starts to wander or you're getting frustrated that you're not getting something, take a 15 min break.
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    UAC Preferences

    You only receive one offer so you should order your preferences in the order you want to get into the courses.
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    What's the workload at uni?

    Re: What's the workKoad at uni? As with anything, you get out it, what you put in. The more you enjoy it, the better you will do at it. No course is easy and all of them require varying degrees of effort. Think about what you would actually enjoy doing rather than picking a course with a lower...
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    Should I study commerce??

    Is your interest in design or setting up a business? While a B Com will give you good grounding in various aspects you need in running a business, if you don't have a good core product to sell, you won't have a business. Alternatively, if you plan to hire people to help you out with your...
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    A couple of things....

    With physics, i would try and drop it if you can. Its hard to do well in something you don't enjoy. If you can't, definitely consider private tutoring, but not colleges, and be honest with your tutor about all the issues you have. YOu get out what you put into tutoring sessions. Good luck!