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    wordsworths poetry ny1 doin d same

    hardly ny1z doin dis 4 dis module ..... d poems r damn boring n make no sense n im in desperate need 4 help............... pweeze ....... i hate our teacher 4 pickin dat crap stupeed sad case now im gonna fail :(.......ny help wud b apreciatd
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    stephen king??what do you think of him??

    duddits was like the best character !!!!!
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    1st hand investigation on structure in plants.......

    in the syllubus there is a point which says " perfom a first hand investigatio to gather information about structures in plants that assist in the conservation of water" my oral poresentation is based on this syllubus point ( approx. 3-4 min.) i went to the HSC online site which said a bit...
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    stephen king??what do you think of him??

    oops sorry guess your right about that jhakka didnt really notice the giveaway sorry to all those ppl that havent read the book its just that i wanted to share ma opinion lolz i didnt know there was a s.king thread im new so take it easy nways auto wah how cool was dreamcatcher i couldnt put...
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    how is 'tmr when the war began' an imaginative journey?

    love that book its a great read but i dont know if you can relate it to IJ maybe it just depends on your perspective
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    Imaginary Journey Websites

    hint : "imaginative" journeys not imaginary !! ppl plz get it right you could stuff up your assesments!!!!
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    A beautiful mind???????

    YESSSSSSSSSS........speech is over and done with!!! thanx ppl helped me out there i was a bit lost . didnt really know how rto relate but after listening to the commentary stuff and using the tv grammer stuff i think i had it going on its all good now thanxz again love this
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    History Extension

    hey polly im interested in the iraq kuwait war too (prolly coz im from there) but wat exactly are you gonna consentrate and research on?????????????
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    Class of 05 - What are your topics?

    name:zahra topic _ old kingdom egypt practically everything about it from pyramids tombs and funeral stuff to queens myths and society in general ancients the best subject(well net really.... its the easiest subject....yep) i can handle it i just came first for ancient :) 95% im proud...
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    stephen king??what do you think of him??

    ive read a few stephen king books and i love them but theyre all so long and he goes into tooo many twists and turns that when you wanna recall the events they all get muddled up eg/ insomnia ....... but i love his way of writting its the kinda stuff thats worth staying up fo !! havent read IT...
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    2005 History Extension Major Project Topics

    thanx 4 sharing your topics seems interesting ive done wat you said and ive found a topic that really interests me then i broadened it to include other events i began with bloody sunday (in ireland 1972) like wat really happened instead of how the media portrayed it so i decided to broaden...
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    Journey To the Interior

    i have a bunch of sheets my teacher gave me i can help you out wid dat ill see if i can send it to your email ASAP
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    A beautiful mind???????

    ill be renting it tommorroww hope it helps im pretty desperate speech is due next week thanx
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    Assesment: help in writing a creative short story.

    i went to the young leaders thing 2 last week and it was really good Mathiew Reilly was dere and hes areally good writer and he talked abit about creative writing and all and he said make sure you putl your imaginative cap on and some how connect it with youre experiences and have a few twists...
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    A beautiful mind???????

    i love this movie and i find that in some way it does explore imaginative journeys well i reckon it explores the powers and limitations of the imaginative journey so im gonna use it as my related material ........... but does anyone have any idea on what the techniques are and how they help in...
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    Captains Club

    hey ppl im one the SRC reps. and id love to join sounds heaps good oh yeah im from St Marys senior high skool :)
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    2005 History Extension Major Project Topics

    2005 ext his students wats ur topic about?? hey 2005 yr 12 im doin ext history and im trying to get as much options for my final project till now i have a few but i was wondering wat you might be doin 4 yours?????????????????
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    thanx everyone...... wat i done was made my self sit down for 2 hours straight and tried to tyeach myself the basics then i started to understand it much more clearly and i found it pretty interesting until it got alot harder so i got a tutor and shes exellent better than my teacher and so im...
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    help with selecting a topic for project

    u serious ?? coz i was thinking this one had the most sources eg lots of documentaries and internet sites but i guess alot of ppl tried it and my teacher wouldnt recommend it either so any more ideas ppl plz??????????
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    HSC 2004: which school will top?

    anyone know anyuthing about st marys seniour high schoolits crap i know but just wanting to know