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    Polynomials Question

    P(x) is a polynomial of degree 3. Find P(x), given that : - y = P(x) is an odd function. - (x - 2) is a factor of P(x). - when P(x) is divided by (x + 4), the remainder is 96. I don't get how to do it, and the given solution doesn't make sense to me because the first line says to let P(x)...
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    Space Practical Tasks??

    Ahaha, thanks a heap, mate!
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    Space Practical Tasks??

    Does anyone know of any websites where there are schools' past practical tasks on Space or have any practical tasks they could offer? I could only find one paper online, plus our school doesn't have any available. I'd like some more to practise with. Any help would be appreciated! :)
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    Yr 11 Subject Selections

    English is not too bad. Just write at least one practice essay for each module and get it checked. Depending on the assessment, either memorise the essay or memorise a lot of quotes and techniques and adapt them to multiple practice essay questions to do with your topic. Maths is good if you...
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    How to Study for a Practical Assessment

    - Know stuff about scientific method, reliability, accuracy, validity, etc. (skills) - Do you know exactly what dot points are going to be tested? If you do, then study those specifically in your textbook and any other prelim chem book you have. - If you don't know, then study all the pracs in...
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    Help with legal studies assignment!!!

    Post this in the Legal Studies forum to have a higher chance of being answered. :)
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    Are my subjects ok??

    Philosophy is a prelim course??!! Which one of them is 1 unit, out of curiosity? Scaling of all of them is average/below average, but if those subjects are what you love and what you're best at, go for it. ;)
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    HSC Modern History or Business Studies

    I think MH has better scaling, but at the same time, it is very subjective, like you said. I don't personally know anything about either course, so hopefully someone who has insight into at least one of them replies.
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    In Year 11 - What subject should I drop?

    Look at the subjects you perform "worst" in. Then, out of those, drop the one with the least scaling. Hopefully that works in your favour. :)
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    Dropping to general maths in year 12?

    75+ for a school like yours.
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    Bio Olympiads Tips

    Hi guys, Read the title. :) What can I do to at least get Distinction? :D Also, how much should I study for it on top of schoolwork? Furthermore, how much does the prelim syllabus help with it?
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    How to Study Consistently??!!

    No, I perfectly agree with you about what's more important. In fact, I have set up a high ATAR goal for myself, and I'm worried I'll still get sidetracked from it in Year 12, which is why I asked. In fact, it's my only motivation to do well in school more than anything, so yeah. But, yeah, like...
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    How to Study Consistently??!!

    It doesn't work. I've tried. :haha:
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    Preliminary chemistry marathon

    Oh yes. Thanks for that. ;)
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    Dropping to general maths in year 12?

    Work hard for the yearlies. If you do significantly better than you've been doing, you know you should keep Advanced. If you're not confident that you know your concepts well, just revise them in the holidays before Term 4. It won't be much work, since it's only 2 units. I still think high...
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    Any Public Speaking Advice/Tips?

    Do you know a good way of coming up with satire?
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    How to Study Consistently??!!

    Hi guys, So. Year 12 is fast approaching for us, and the marathon that is known as the HSC commences in something like ten weeks. But. I have a problem. I am a student that easily loses motivation. In fact, there have been entire months when I haven't studied to an acceptable level. And...
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    Any Public Speaking Advice/Tips?

    There's no impromptu for the competition I'm trying out (I'm actually only interested in one comp atm, unlike what I implied in my OP). Thanks for your advice. :D
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    What subjects did you choose/chose?

    Advanced English is okay. Just do practice essays for each module, hand them in and get feedback. Also, keep up with homework if you believe the teacher will check it, otherwise don't bother. :P You need to spend more time on gaining an advantage over the other kids, and you can't do that by...
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    Help with trig question

    Domain: -405° ≤ 2x - 45° ≤ 315° 2x - 45° = 60°, 120°, (60-360)° or (120-360)° x = 52°30', 82°30', -127°30' or -97°30' In order: x = -127°30', -97°30', 52°30' or 82°30'