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    Post Your UAI's Here

    94.80 I'm heaps psyched
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    Test notification to short?

    Well the thing is that it would be moved from a friday to a monday which would give me a whole weekend of uninterupted time to get my essay ready. I do feel a bit cheated because our English department is pretty bloody useless. This is right in a faze where we are getting loads of assesments...
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    Test notification to short?

    Hey guys. Our school rescheduled an exam that was announced for week 10 in our assesment booklet into week 9 and told us 12 days in advanced. I complained because the booklet says we must be notified atleast 2 weeks in advanced (which in my oppinion would be 14 days) but the deputy principle...
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    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    I only did half of my HSC this year but I got Bio 87 German Cont. 96 German ext. 48/50 Is it just me or was the bio exam a total curve ball? Wtf was with that 7 mark question in communication lol? I seriously new every sylabus dot point but the questions weren't geared towards info. Oh well...
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    Help me interpret this visual text please

    Thanks a lot that's great! I'll definitely build that into my speech. Awesome :)
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    Help me interpret this visual text please

    Ay guys I’m doing a speech this Tuesday at school for English. We were told to pick our own text and make a speech about how it affects our understanding of journey. I picked this four page manga by Range Murata called Groundpass Drive. I’ve been using a sheet that explains the basics of visual...
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    German Extension

    Luckily my teacher said it's very likely that bussiness class would crop up because it's been used the least, so I studied it extra hard. I had discussed business class with her before the exam and luckily we talked about the ending. I thought that the main character really did start stabbing...
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    Leave Early?

    Eh I pretty much finished on the bell. But then I'm a perfectionist and take heaps of time.
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    German Continuers

    Well I found it pretty easy. But I'm a native speaker lol. The listening is the only one where I always fret a bit so I imagine it'd be extra hard for you guys. The cat radio thing was about this: Some radio channel now plays relaxing music for your pets while you're off at work. It's...