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    Post Your 2008 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam) (UAI cutoffs link)

    Re: Post Your 2008 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam) uws industrial design- thank you regional 5 point bonus scheme!
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    Official UWS Student List 2008

    industrial design at penrith 2008
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    The Official Crap UAI Thread

    62.05? I don't even remember doing the hsc... wtf?
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    I did business services

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    well that sucked

    define suck?
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    What are your general thoughts?

    Haha, one word per line! I think the test was straight forward. THere wasn;t anything obscure and it didn't try to weed out the kids who don't bathe themselves in art, it just wanted to see if you knew your shit. Personnaly, I think I did well- but it isn't up to me. peace
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    how do you write fast and legibly in eng exams

    Interesting.. my reply to your post was also deleted... and all I had was implied shouting and swearing in a derogatory way to females! As if they have feelings! And maybe somewhat jealous at the fact the I am capable of destroying small children and their pets. Oh well, maybe 'telling the...
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    Music 2 - General thoughts

    Wait a mo..... seeing as it seems we have all evidently done poorly, will that not mean we will all be scaled? Extra marks? Better UAI?
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    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    God, whats with all the pessimism... what do you expect? After looking at the posts on sec 1, you all sound like you haven't read some piece of BS passed off as credible by the BOS! I enjoyed the test, ended up geting in about 12 pages altogether. I also was extremely fortunate to have studied a...
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    Music 2 - General thoughts

    Re: death by music I lol'd... the exam was as like the presents i leave in the toilet. Yeah definately a wtf at the additional topic thing... like they knew everyhting about us... pffft... i only did music 2 for the performance anyway... plus.. wasnt this only worth like 30%? I laughed at the...
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    Billy Blue? Anyone?

    I got a scholarship... so I will be doing it next year.... but that doesn't mean I know how to get in... they asked me to join! Its about 15 hours a week (Me thinks spread over Mon to Wed) in class work and they expect you to do 10-15 hours study outside (they implied you stay there and work)...
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    Trials: When are they? Are you ready? How were they? (merged)

    lol.... i didnt say it hah... music on monday! WOO! has anyone else got have done a music 2+ music ext exam yet? i hate my teacher! boycot! 6 pieces, one composition, a vague music theory knowledge and almost two years of study later... was it worth it? who knows?! but it doesnt matter.... im...
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    Trials: When are they? Are you ready? How were they? (merged)

    i know what you said... im doin english.... its not that you guys dont like it... youve been told not to enjoy it and your probably a puss. yeah i know no one 'cares'.... but it still doesnt stop you guys from questioning why i smoke or telling me the ill-effects! and fuck... i barely smoke at...
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    Trials: When are they? Are you ready? How were they? (merged)

    hmmm, great another unsupported statement based on a conversation between users of thread, whether it concerns this user or not! hmmm, my rebuttle? why not! i greatly (a word?) like the act of smoking... i win! i greatly hate the act of you living.... i win! i greatly enjoy hating... i win! man...
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    Trials: When are they? Are you ready? How were they? (merged)

    just the way i look away everytime i do your mum?.... hmmm i smoke occasionally... have good breathe.... white teeth.... not addicted.... n i manage my stress (or lackthereof) with other things... such as thinking about smoking really helps get my mind off things. please dont chuck me in the box...
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    Is anyone else over the HSC?

    yeah seen that before.... except the one i saw looked way cooler... but still its pretty shite.... read sig... its reassuring to know that theres a higher chance of a teenager giving birth than me dieing of a smoking related illness... or even contract HIV... or maybe getting an abortion. it was...
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    Trials: When are they? Are you ready? How were they? (merged)

    why not cigs coffee by itself is a dick... awesome stress relief, save me from using other... herbs... in this time of mental strain, get mad ideas, helps free up ur mind... oh and not to mention the satisfaction that you know you will die.. none of that prolonged bs (cant get enough of that new...
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    Trials: When are they? Are you ready? How were they? (merged)

    doin trials... almost over.... ne one else have a quick cram session with a few of coffees and way too many ciggies (gave a buzz like no other... although ive had better ;-D) before ne exams (ie... eng paper 2)? peace
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    Is anyone else over the HSC?

    i was over the whole school thing from.... well.... the beginning of school. I knew it would be all over one day.... ne one in hearing a podcast made by people completing their hsc, i was thinkin about starting one, i remember watching programs that followed those doing their hsc over the past...
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    Any Filmmakers in the eastern suburbs of sydney?

    yeah, hell yeah.... done a couple of short films, quite basic. family in the industry. aspiring to be director. looking for courses and experience... peace