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    Which offer should I pick? The offer from maq or uts?

    Bachelor of engineering (honours) / Bachelor of medical science at UTS Bachelor of engineering / Bachelor of science at Macquarie University I'm starting uni in 23rd of feb 2015, starting date for both courses. I got offers for both of those courses and uni's listed above and am having a...
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    Bachelor of medical science or bachelor of science? :/

    >_____> well that sucks. Point of doing a degree that takes too much time money and stress to have no job in the end? I heard that yu need an honours or masters to get anywhere. Just want to know which is the better out of the two (b science or b med science)
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    Bachelor of medical science or bachelor of science? :/

    Hi :) I'm deciding on whether to choose a bachelor of science or bachelor of medical science. I want to know if you are able to get into med if yu do a science degree. Also after I graduate, what jobs can I get with a b science and b med science. Would it be more likely for me to get a job with...
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    How will this affect my final hsc mark for bio?

    teacher showed my internal assessment mark was 80 for biology (i got 81% in trials). and i know my rank is 7/26. but i just did the hsc exam... and i freaked out... and just gave up. i think i got 25% how badly will this affect my final hsc mark? will my mark still be in the 70s? i really don't...
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    Heat Of Combustion Questions

    Why is there two molar heat of combustions? Why can't they give it different names so that it will be less confusing? For example, it says that molar heat of combustion of ethanol is 1367kjmol^-1. In the equation deltaH = -mCdeltaT why is deltaH also named the molar heat of combustion?!!! So...
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    How do you 'study smart' for Physics?

    Thanks for your help! :)
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    How Did You Write A Band 6 Essay?

    I would like to know how to write a band 6 essay. For example, the structure etc. Thank you! :wavey:
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    How did you get a band 5 or 6 in Physics?

    Physics is my worst subject. :( Thank you! :wavey:
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    How did you become good at Physics calculations?

    I really need to work on the calculation side of physics to enhance my exam mark. Thank you! :smile: