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    Does SDD suck or what?

    *clears throat* SDD still sucks. That is all.
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    Does SDD suck or what?

    oh no mitch...dont make the "starcraftmazter" angry...he might take offense to what you've just said and justisfy it to fit his nerdiness. If theres one thing nerds suck at, its the ability to know when other people dont like them. Therefor they should simply shut up and accept the fact that...
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    Found a possible bug in the system

    *grabs popcorn* fuck no! I think the "starcraftmazter" is about to show everyone why he calls himself "starcraftmazter"...seriously dude, grow the fuck up. You troll just about every board outside of BoS. I would think that of all people, you would know not to take forums so seriously *cough*...
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    Everything You Need For Sdd!!

    It will definitely need stimulus throughout to keep people coming back for more. e.g. pornography.
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    IT exam easy!!!!!! IN before Starcraftmazter

    atleast 95% with no study
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    If you are in any way competent with computers and basic OHS then you shouldnt need to study this course, its all IT common sense.
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    Is SDD actually what you think it is?

    Yeah seriously, we have probably failed software because our school couldnt offer the resources to teach this hard subject...if you dont have a qualifided teacher then why the fuck offer this a subject in yr 11, its absolutely pointless waste of time.
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    Question 22 (e) Was Faulty

    this is the exam which wont be included in my UAI thats for sure LOL our software class did almost no work all year and this is pretty much how it was going to end...left after 1.5 hours and most of my answers were stupid.
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    do we get binary data sheet?

    in the exam
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    Does SDD suck or what?

    yeah we play postal al lthe time its great
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    Does SDD suck or what?

    SDD fucking sucks..but i guess i'm just saying that because my teacher sucks they shouldn't have this subject available in schools where there is noone qualified to teach this hard course its fucking bullshit. Our teacher has no freakin idea what the course is about, she cant even form basic...
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    SDD assignment

    heres some helpful advice: DROP SOFTWARE DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!! it sucks anus! plus, you wont have to do the assignment. it sounds crap.
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    how is your teacher/class for this sub?

    fair enough, but this course is f**ked up. i thought we would actually make programs... forgive me if i'm wrong, but Software Design & Development comes across as creating programs. yeah there's a lot of theory to it, but it doesn't mean there is no practical work, which is what happens with...
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    Help! havent started my pip

    you fail in english
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    HELP ME ASAP plzzzzzzzzz

    yeah well sounds like you're pretty much screwed then...heh dont worry its only year 11
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    HELP ME ASAP plzzzzzzzzz

    I dont see how you can have any problems unless you've done absolutely nothing throughout the year, just revise what should be on the exam. Shouldnt you have assessment notification as to what will be in the exam? that usually helps in what you need to revise
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    recently dropped down here

    yeah so about 2 weeks ago I dropped down into general from mathematics simply because we were actually behind in the course and our teacher was unloading work at a rate which I couldn't handle, plus I was getting fairly average marks. Anyway my first impression of general was "what the hell is...