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    good indie bands/ unknown bands

    stereophonics are pretty good. kinda like oasis, radiohead when they do experimental shit, and the strokes
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    Transferring/getting into architecture

    Transferring is different for which uni u want to get into. I was in your position and applied to UNSW and USYD so i can tell you how they accept non school leavers. In terms of doing crim, it doesnt matter, i was doing something completely unrelated as well. Basically usyd takes half of your...
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    Unconventionally Romantic Things

    give her a strawberry shortcake
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    3rd year architecture failing + dilemma

    go for the studio man i would hate to think about repeating studio, would be fukin waste of time..anyway the other 3 subjects if u fail u can just repeat in summer school or some shit but passing studio means you wont fuk up your course schedule for next semester and the year after
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    Architecture at TAFE.

    Construction, Building and Architecture Salary Information - Updated Weekly at MyCareer there are a few people who have done the 2 year tafe course and got into architecture at uni
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    you can always do civil engineering combined with architecture, if you dont make the cutoff
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    nope not hard at all...last year i was doing med science, didnt like it so i applied for both UNSW and USYD; unsw uses your uai results or uni results (whichever is better) to assess you for entry, same with USYD but they allow you to submit an additional the end both unis made me...
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    What is your ultimate UNSW uni fantasy

    a fuckin monorail on campus
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    The Dark Knight

    best scene was ledger dressed as a nurse.
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    hey don't let uai stop you from acheiving what you want to do; even if u don get in through your hsc there are many other ways of studying architecture or alternative routes to uni...and the good thing is you dont even need a professional degree to become recognized as a quality designer...some...
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    Jamie Oliver's Eat to Save Your Life

    i watched it and i reckon some of the 'experiments' were abit pretentious and pointless. i mean filling that bathtub with oil while a woman sits in it? wtf is the point of that?
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    Does God exist?

    you're kidding right? do you know how much blood has been spilled in the name of 'religion'?
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    Basically all we did in first sem in unsw was design on computers, ie sketchup, unreal tournament etc. then 3 other subjects - research, history and environment. ill be doing construction next semester. hopefully the tutors are more helpful with that lol.
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    We are most likely in a simulated universe

    think about it...if this simulated reality were real, would the 'programmers' really have wanted us (if we were simulated) to be able to think about issues like this and discuss the possibility among ourselves that we are simulated? I dont think they would want this....the fact that we have...
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    yup apparently alot of unis are changing to this model of architectural education that allows an undergrad to go straight into masters...but its increased the course period to 5 years for unsw so thats a downside for me + you still have to do the external raia exam after that
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    medical term

    i know theres a proper 'scientific' term for someone who eats alot or more than average but somehow manages to remain skinny ... does anyone know what the term is or has a scientific explanation?
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    Engineering (Civil) / Design in Architecture

    yeh i think so, but it might not be a double degree....think you can do civil engineering combined with architecture or something like that.
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    come to UNSW! i didnt even know UTS offered a professional degree in architecture. yo people, link your architectural blogs here so we can see your work ^^
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    ill be developing the interior of this in sketchup and ill post it up on my blog soon as im done