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    Difference between Economics and Commerce?

    Most places? Like all of the top 8? I don't think so. I know Economics is a maj/min within BComm but why do some universities feel it's important enough to deserve its own degree?
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    Who got screwed over by Ext2 English?

    Maybe your work was just really angsty and shite. I know my strung-together, 2-week rush job paid off. That 48/50 gave me a total of 49/50 for the course and a UAI of 99.8 for sure.
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    Difference between Economics and Commerce?

    Apart from compulsory units of study, what's the big difference between these two subjects and why does one need a higher UAI than the other?
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    all rounder

    I was two off in a subject I topped and got an esitmate pissed.
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    coffs harbour 2006

    Aahhahahahaha, emo-boy. I'll never forget those sexy Smirnoff's. I was drunk from about 3 of those - but only 'cause I had painkillers aswell. I just got back from Byron today. I must've smoked the whole of Nimbin whilst there. Anywho, you are your krew were cool and deserved the...
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    breaking up...

    Ahaha, what a bunch of losers.
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    Any Ideas For Assessment ????

    Can't help you on child labour, but there's plenty on Child soldiers and the breaches in Tibet.
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    Schoolies is hot

    im real y loving schoolies cbasue of the brrree beer. it's just so much sexlovely.
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    Mental Note. A second-hand bookstore at the spot in Randwick. It's so great because it has no shelves.
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    Port Macquarie 5th to 12th Dec

    Word. Coffs Harbour, Port Macq and Byron are all equally hospitable. It's not the ammount of Nightclubs and sights and stuff, it's how well you use them. Who the hell cares if there's three nightclubs if you're only staying a week? Are you really going to need that many? Also, it's not about...
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    Have I stuffed my chance of a good UAI

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    Coffs Harbour?

    Anyone else at Pacific Bay? We met 4 other groups tonight; much fun.
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    schoolies bag

    I'm taking a hemp bag. Kinda appropriate seeing how our itinery includes 5 hours in Nimbin
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    Country students

    *Resurection* Does the gist of this thread still exist?
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    Going gamer hunting.

    PPRole-playing died with Baldur's Gate. The new thing is live-action role playing...that shit is whack. (How whack? Wikkity whack.)
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    I shoot all the boxes in an area. Just another benefit of the game's abundant ammo.
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    Swearing in of Crennan J

    Justice Susan Crennan...a pothetic. Paul de Jersey, all the wayse.
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    Property offences

    I was wrapped up by The Castle on that night; sorry :(
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    bf/gf on schoolies?!?!?!?!!

    OKay, back on topic. Last night I realised how lame it is having someone you love and care about with you on schoolies. I was <---> close to having greasy dinner box with my gf's sister.
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    Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis is the best game ever.

    Mmmhmmm. But I was upset that Jaws had to be so tall that you had to bend down all the time. Oh, and the fat models were easier to hit...that's discrimination :(. I remember getting into a fight one time because my mate wouldn't let me be goldeneye...biggest black-eye ever.