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    guys clothes

    Why do you feel the need to continue this unnecessary bickering? I said sorry to hung earlier for the misunderstanding yet you feel the need to say how you're miss popular? Cool, hope it works out for you then. I know that i'm not the one chucking a hissy fit.
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    Units of Study

    I know that is what he wants to do, so i was poking fun at him because of that. Others who are stuck doing arts degrees when they have far more ambitious aims have to weather this storm of criticism as well. However in this case i know Triangulum is a great fellow and would most likely succeed...
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    guys clothes

    Actually no i'm not saying that. I'm saying that straight men are capable of dressing themselves. And that clothes do not fall out of the sky, but men do buy their own clothes. Your post was long-winded and unnecessary seeing as you would have read already 'hung's' post defending himself. I...
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    I have a friend who is doing history of maths. What a funny gen ed course.
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    2007 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Howard or Rudd?

    What makes education based on merit a right? More correctly, is higher education (that is not compulsory) a right? Is it outlined in our charter or constitution? Is it promulgated by political theorists such as Locke, Burke or Paine? Does Two treatises of Government state that tertiary learning...
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    Units of Study

    HAHAHA even though you do a straight BA at the moment, you REALLY want to be in the know with the law degree hey?
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    guys clothes

    You sound slightly homosexual. Even metros probably cannot name this many stores off the top of their head.
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    Not everyone cares about the state of education fees for the generic B Commerce. Not to mention, many people just do the course thinking it will lead to quick money only to discover they become a paper pusher 4 lyf. Anyway, no need to throw hate, i read this on the UNSW site earlier.
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    Goodbye everybody!

    Have a good one!
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    Got your latest installment of BoS news?

    You call that sleeping in? HAHAHA boy are you mistaken.
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    Private coaching vs Centre based coaching?

    That's actually really expensive. Even private tutors cost about that (although i know some that are $50+). Private > Group In my view, generally the more expensive the private tutor is, the better they are. This applies for uni/school leaver tutors btw (which most people get) as the max...
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    shitty jobs that pay well? need some quick cash please help me

    Hahaha you are the guy from the photo thread? Try a photo agency :p
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    BAULKO/JRAHS TUTOR English 2/3/4u (HSC 96) Geography (93). Histories and Maths also!

    Re: BAULKO/JRAHS TUTOR English 2/3/4u (HSC 96) Geography (93). Histories and Maths al Hey! I know Bobness, and he has some spaces left. The only thing that sucks is that he only tutors from home now :( (or UNSW, i heard him mentioning he had a really good student he tutored there) Anywho...
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    Man Marries Dog

    She really is his bitch. SOURCE: Tsup vanush? WTF. Would this be legal in Australia?
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    Top 100 University Courses by UAI

    Are you trying to set up a conflict between 'science' and 'art'? Because many of the higher uai degrees involve 'art' i.e. BA/LLB, bachelor of philosophy, bachelor of liberal studies (international) and it has always (well at least in the last 5 years) been like this. Also there's a degree...
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    2007 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Howard or Rudd?

    Re: 2007 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Howard or Beazley? Rudd's a dud. But Howard looks like Elmer Fudd. AHAHAHA and Mr. Sheen. Chaser's was pretty shit tonight. Especially 'election watch', it's becoming repetitive.
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    difference between economics and commerce

    Stop. Bshoc is just trying to troll you.
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    Top 100 University Courses by UAI

    You are forgetting in the top 10: 1) UNSW Optometry DFEE 99.50 2) ANU PhB (honours) combined with arts or science CSP 99.00 3) USYD Commerce (liberal studies) CSP 98.85 These were all for the 2006 cut offs. Also USYD LLB is now 99.55 and UNSW LLB is 99.20. And are you sure you don't...