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    Drama Exam Tomorrow

    i need drama coz i kno i did really bad in physics n maths, but i just cud not motivate myself at all to study. i did 5 mins today then slept for 3 hrs...thats all my study. all my friends are already finished their hsc so how am i suposed to stay motivated lol
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    Quanta 6 marker

    I did einstein n planck lol .... i was regretting it as i wrote it haha. finished the exam with an hr left....not a gud sign haha
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    General thoughts: Mathematics

    Re: General thoughts i did good except for Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10...besides that i did gud
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    So uh...

    horrible horrible horrible!!! had no idea about anything...i'll be lucky to get not just sayin that i will seriously get below 20 maths is over forever......unless it makes me have to redo my HSC :mad:
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    Chinese Background , do or not??

    Yes do background, its really easy to get high marks in chinese. I did continuers this year when i shudve been doing beginner and it was soo frigging hard and the thing that pissed me off more than anything was people who should be in background doing the course. If you speak chinese at home...
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    General Thoughts: Chinese Continuers

    hey did anyone else do the chinese exam? how did u find it? i was the only one from my school doing it so i was put in the boys changeroom in the hall with a supervisor just staring at me for 3 hrs. listening was ok till the end. was it milk n icecream for the 3rd question? the first...
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    English Over Forever

    i was happy till i found out ppl wrote a billion pages n i only wrote 3 for each section, and that my essays r probably really bad. so now im freaking out! :(
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    Did you agree section 1 quote

    i seriously have no idea how u disagreed with it i used visual images like: the red curtain at the begining is set to make u think its a fairytale and its expressionistic not about world issues and how liz is saying she wants ken railings to come in n say pam broke her leg n..etc...
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    Did you agree section 1 quote

    Did you all agree or disagree with the question about "does an engaging image lead you to think about important world issues" ? i said that i disagree coz of strictly ballroom what did u all do?
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    Physical Journey: "Human Spirit"

    i said that i didnt agree with the human spirit thing...same with the image one today i said i didnt agree. i just have a thing against agreeing with exam question quotes
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    How much do you like your subjects?

    physics 1 maths advanced 1 drama 1 chinese continuers 1 english standard 1 aviation 2 i hate them all!!! i so wish i could change them all.