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    Bachelor of Law/Commerce students HELP.

    It looks confusing, yet to enrol also... Law double degrees enrol on the 31st.
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    Post Your 2014 University Offers Here

    Get another offer for Wollongong law Nek Minut no offer for CSU accounting Dafuq
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    Do any of you consider yourselves geniuses?

    I have an IQ of 140, I'd consider 150 genius. I have a friend who is over 150 on the Mensa test, got an ATAR below 40... Did great in computer subjects, did well in maths considering he didn't study, and took English and Religion as jokes. Literally made jokes and teased the markers for being...
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    Bonus points into uni

    Grrr if Ayn Rand were here right now!!
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    Bonus points into uni

    Bonus points to some institutions are a joke. A girl in my year DECIDED to play state hockey, she didn't have to... She was also from a financially 'tough' background, yet had the money to participate in sport without an issue, seemingly... She got an ATAR around 50, but got into UWS for...
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    Bonus points into uni

    No, I don't remember the specific name but it was for personal financial disadvantage, evidenced by youth allowance, and I had to have my principal sign off on it. Mind you, I also got SO1A. And another for the death of a close family member. I just find it odd how they throw bonus points around...
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    Bonus points into uni

    The system is all a tad strange... For example I was considered for EAS bonus points due to financial disadvantage, yet all of my scholarship applications were thrown out the window.
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    Girls & Guys: how much do you weigh?

    92kg @ 6 foot 2
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    Brain Dead Woman Pregnant, Forced Life Support

    Tbh I didn't read it, I just enjoy making rather uninformed comments because I couldn't care less what people on boredofstudies think.
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    Brain Dead Woman Pregnant, Forced Life Support

    One could also argue that all women are brain dead, whether pregnant or not. I kid, I kid... lulz get it?
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    Brain Dead Woman Pregnant, Forced Life Support

    Well, the taxpayer shouldn't be burdened with the child. If she were say, 8 months pregnant it'd be a different issue altogether I think, but it is in that grey area right now between lifeless and having life. If the family wants the child, they could go into debt to save its life... They could...
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    subject selection help!!

    Ancient is better than Modern.
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    Brain Dead Woman Pregnant, Forced Life Support

    If the parents/husband pay for the medical bills I wouldn't have a problem... Texas doesn't have state tax either, so maybe the whole of America should just vote on it, lol. But then again, a lot of Americans are Christians, so they could place there completely unsound beliefs on the matter...
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    Aldi's 'racist' Australia day t-shirts

    Nek minut Aboriginal citizens claim all sorts of benefits because their ancestors were treated unfairly, not even racist...
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    Psychology at UOW

    Tbh Psych is a silly idea unless in a double degree... When around 50% of people with a degree in it are employed, it is hardly worth it.
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    Internet @ on campus accommodation

    Hey, just wondering the internet amount for each person at the on campus locations... I read that it is half a gig, that sucks.
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    Bachelor of Law/Commerce students HELP.

    I'm doing the same... Tbh I'm more worried about finding somewhere to live. My thoughts are that accounting is going to be harder than law, for me anyway... It will take 5-6 years.
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    First preference/change??

    Probably not, but depends what uni too I guess. Somewhere like Wollongong probably would, but maybe not UNSW and Sydney.
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    Arts and HSC results

    I forgot to mention, I was doing extension 1 English as well as planning on doing extension 2, but I just knew that it wouldn't have been worth my time due to her teaching it. And before someone calls me hypocritical for benefiting off of easing artistic extension subjects, I'm doing law so it...