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    ELEC2141 digital circuit design

    How hard is it to learn the course as a 1st year student? What is the recommended knowledge?
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    Engineering timetable help

    Pick ELEC1111. ELEC1112 is no longer offered and is equivalent to ELEC1111.
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    Chinese studies UNSW minor BEME

    Thanks for the advice! Would it be a better option to choose from other minors like mechatronics, satellite systems, psych, computing... in terms of providing greater career opportunities?
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    First year maths elective

    I have a mate who went on exchange and he couldn't get credit transfers for the subjects he completed overseas. For example, if you miss PSYC2071 and PSYC2101 in 2nd year semester 2 due to exchange, you will need to take them during the 2nd semester in your 3rd year to make up for it, delaying...
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    can u take science electives in 1rst year & gen eds for science

    u must check ur program info and make sure. if u a science student then u need to do gen ed in different faculty like CRIM or PHIL subjects or u can do subjects like MATH etc... again check ur program 4 info because all different for different program. u must differentiate between free...
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    Maths subjects at UNSW for Science course?

    You are better off doing MATH1041/statistics if you want the D. Otherwise there is a stats course in 1st year 2nd semester which covers the basic components in mathematics for psychology (which is heavily based on statistics).
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    First year maths elective

    Hey I was in your shoes 3 years ago! Had absolutely no idea what other 2 electives to pick after PSYC1001 and PSYC1021 so I took MATH1031 and Philosophy. Maths was incredibly easy, you get unlimited chances for MAPLE tests (until you get 100%) and the concepts are very straightforward...
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    How badly will I be affected if I did 2 unit in the HSC and want to do engineering?

    Re: How badly will I be affected if I did 2 unit in the HSC and want to do engineerin If you did well in 2unit maths and you have the motivation to learn the 3u content before the start of the semester either through a bridging course or self learning, I strongly recommend you to do...
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    Chinese studies UNSW minor BEME

    I'm interested in Chinese studies - CHINA23403, perhaps choosing it as my minor for the BE ME program. I am wondering if the course is good and useful, e.g. relevance to engineering discipline. For those who did the Chinese language course, what are your experiences? Any advice would be...
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    Psychology: USYD vs UNSW vs Macquarie

    Keep in mind that psychology at UNSW is highly competitive as you're competing against the best in the state (with ATAR averages of 98+). These students average HDs and will do extremely well in their honours year. In addition, they have developed strong critical writing and analysis skills...
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    MATH1131 and 1141 dropout rate

    Okay thanks! How difficult is it to get a D or HD in 1141? I am willing to put in the effort
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    MATH1131 and 1141 dropout rate

    I did Ext. 2 maths and got combined ext 1 and 2 mark of 187.
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    MATH1131 and 1141 dropout rate

    What is the general dropout % rate for both? I am thinking of doing 1141 but not sure if I am able to handle the extra workload. What are the advantages of doing 1141 instead of 1131? assuming the student is capable
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    Integrated BE ME Electrical Engineering vs regular BE Electrical engineering

    How big is the workload for BE ME compared to BE?
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    UNSW Business Infomation Systems Co-op Interview Tips

    Same, but for engineering, need tips
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    Atar estimate please (hoping 82+)

    I have to agree. Your school rank makes it hard to predict your ATAR. I think you'll get around 60s to 70s. You'd had to performed exceptionally well to reach low 80s.