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    Methodologies In the S&C Exam!!

    Ok S&C exam next wednesday... I was looking through my notes and apparently for the depth studies we need to know methodologies for each... I did Belief Systems-hinduism and for Equality and Difference I did Aboriginal Australia.... I think I will use statistical analysis for E and D ...but...
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    IP-Scriptwriting Title Page

    yes!! thanks sooo much! Everytime we had lessons on IP, my teacher would say 'get into small IP groups' so that the design ppl or performance ppl could discuss where they were up too... and i had to sit by myself in my own group.. Mine is due on Monday too, whats is yours about? Well anyways...
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    IP-Scriptwriting Title Page

    ok just wondering does anyone know what should be on the title page of the IP script once it is handed in to the BOS? Is it just the title of the play and student number and in which order? Oh yeah it is presented bound right? I feel so confused.. im the only one in my school doing it for...
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    PiP LEctures 2006

    ohh i went there, the one at the weasley center. my class had to sit right up the back next to the entrance, and omg that woman was so funny, was her accent american or canadian:S weird but funny, it was so crap when we went for the 'workshops' coz i got the boring guy with the websites, and...
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    thanks you guys so much it helps a lot! Im not sure exacltly yet what to do my scrip on... my teacher is making me do the whole firts draft these holidays... and i have like writers block or something lol. but it will be cool i just have to focus my ideas and stuff
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    These are just some questions for anyone doing scriptwriting: 1. Is it important to date the logbook? 2. How important is it to have seen theatre and to record it in the logbok? and 3. Is anyone else putting theatrical influences and playwrites in their log?? If anyone can answer my...
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    Stupid Weimar question grrrrrrrrr

    dont be so mean It dosent serve me or orthers right for studieying a particular period and learning its ins and outs...I mentioned the hole in its heart theory etc, but it was a difficult question for me and the rest of my class as we had spent more time on Weimar and none of us studied...
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    Stupid Weimar question grrrrrrrrr

    hmm yeah i studied particularly for the weaknesses of the constitution and stuffed it up:'(
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    Everyone Must Readthis Lool!! - I Will Survive (hsc Remix)

    haha id never seen it b4, cute but kinda pathetic. ..pssst its a litttle lame ;)
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    Section II - National Study / Personality

    speer i said for the public life speer essay that his public work as an architect reflected his role in the public...i hope thats ok:)
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    Stupid Weimar question grrrrrrrrr

    I studied heaps for weimar and then i got the question about industrial elites and conservative parties...i so wrecked it :( I did what my teacher calls a 'brain dump and just said everything i thought might be related and said that other political problems were more important than the role of...
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    anyone doing in the skin???

    If any one is doin in the skin of a lion please let me knwo...i feel so alone like im the only one doing it...i wanted to do king lear:(
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    Who's the YOUNGEST 2005 HSC Student in here?

    ive just turned 17 on the 22nd of july
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    who ran out of time?!

    I ran out of time for section 3, i had five minutes to write about my additional text and i didnt finish my conclusion:( I rkn they should give us 50 minutes per section thats just the right amount of time ;)
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    Omg i so rann out of time for section 3

    At my school we do the HSC over two years, so im only in year 11... I was already kinda freaked out... i think i did ok in most sections...but in section 3 i spent like 3 or 4 pages on the Tempest two or 3 on jouney to the interior and then I RAN OUT OF TIME and spent 5 minutes on my chosen text...
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    Creative writing HELP!

    My teacher said that it can be about any type of journey:P
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    Creative writing HELP!

    This might help;) Join Date: Oct 2004 Posts: 22 Creative writing HELP! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My English teacher told our class that it would be best to prepare a story or story outline, as if you do get that kind of question in...