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    Dont understand him?

    haha i know but yea i did.. im a sook i know that too.. too much of a mummy and daddy girl i think.. :-)
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    Dont understand him?

    haha nar well that idea changed.. i got in and everything was all ready to go. then sooked in and didnt wanna move. so im at tafe doing my Diploma then i might go..
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    Dont understand him?

    hahah pretty funny looking back on this.. well an update for all.. i did move on. started seeing another guy and he got really pissed i was with the guy and started tellin me he loved me n wonted me to break up with the guy i just started out with for him. ha i didnt do it. thank god been with...
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    Diploma in Childrens services?

    arg just got a research assessment were i have to do a 20min presentation on the teaching style : The High Scope Approach. only problem is i can find anything! on it... does anyone know good books? sites that i can go too
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    Girl claims to "have fallen asleep whilst being tattooed

    what a load of crap im pretty sure u would be awake while getting tattooed on your face. ? weird bitch, she didnt like the end product so she decieds to try and make that tattooist pay for her own stupidity...
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    The McDonald's Thread

    at 18, i was gett 13.73 an hour, and now im 19 i get $15.70 not bad better then kfc..
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    Kfc must read 4 ur health

    KFC is shit, i totally agree, i worked at one, out the front and it was crap to be a manager you must have to have shit ppl skills and not give a fuck about anything life to fuk the workers around. oout the back is revolting, the bench where they make burgers foreva had cockroachs on it and the...
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    twilight series

    so yep im a bit late to reply, as i told myself i wasnt going to fall for the crazy and read twilight, its not a book i would read, im more of a true story reader.. but i was bored and mysister was reading and lets just say i finshed the seriers in less then a week. and i was shock it was really...
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    For the girls

    i said eyes. becasue i am foreva getting told i have nice boobs, its like 'yes, you have noticed i have large boobs, and that all ur going to look at for the rest of the conversation. thanks wanka'
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    Past Schoolies People:

    went to sufers, if you book earlyish you will be able to get cheaper places,,, we left ours to the very last minute, however it was worth every cent. but they have taken where we stayed of the schoolies list.. mm maybe that had something to do with people kicking a massive glass window in there...
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    The Mathew Johns Sex scandal.

    this chick is a slag only after money... 7 years ago she consented to sex, she went around bragging about fuckin all the players, thinkin she would look good, it didnt work out how she wonted it to, 5 days later she relised how easy it is for a girl to scream 'rape' so she does, police...
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    dates of nsw ppl =]

    went to schoolies gold coast last year. Best of fun ever! however i do suggest that if you have anyone underage or not into the whole nightclub theme Go week 1. Fake IDs wont work at schoolies they check them out everywhere...(if they do work your really lucky) week 1 is called QLD week...
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    Triple-0 operator 'very sorry' about David's call

    they should still take every caller seriously how are they ment to be able to judge if its a prank or not??? they cant... therefor they have to take every caller serious and if she had of this poor kid wouldnt of lost his life...
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    Mums raise wrong babies for two years

    shit, the poor parents. But i agree i dont think i could just 'swap' babies after two years, because as its already been pointed out those first two years you get everything. so the parents would be missing out on this. and how hard would it be for the parents and the two year olds to gain the...
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    Man bites off friend's penis and swallows it

    shit aye.. much be able to bite nice and hard.. but yer it made me LOL.. haha poor guy
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    Dont understand him?

    So ive been really close to this guy for like 2-3 years.. he has asked me out like so many times over those years. and i have said no. for two reasons. 1. i was affraid of committment 2. My family dont like the guy. anyways he asked me out once again the other week and i finially said yes, ild...
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    Women boozing is not sexually attractive to men

    well dam, im and uncomfortable sight.. :( oh well
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    Women boozing is not sexually attractive to men

    and whats wrong with Barellan??? :hammer:
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    The sleaziest thing someone has said to you

    walking on the beach in a maxi dress. some old and i mean 60+ old guy from england (as he told me) stopped and to tell me i was beautful, he loved the way i dress, my hair bla bla bla.. oh you have lovly lips... i started to freak out at this stage as he was old and topless with a really hairy...
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    Women boozing is not sexually attractive to men

    I dont go out and get drunk to be attractive to men... i can say only one or two of my friends do that. as seriously they are the desprate ones. and then they think they should go out and do it cause males find it sooo attrative. but really by the sounds of it males only go for them cause they...