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    Who else is goin to ACU?

    Yea your timetables heaps bad But man, primary school to high school to senior high school to uni together, too weird!!! Is anyone else doing BTBA and doing literature lecture and tutorial on Friday? I don't know anyone!!!
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    Considering I got very worked up and worried about this exam because I paid very little to no attention in class during the year, the exam was a breese! It ended up being my top mark, and I found all sections apart from one Hatshepsut question to be pretty good. Old Kingdom Egypt society...
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    Who else is goin to ACU?

    I'm doing bachelor of teaching/bachelor of arts - Humanities Twas my first preference, so i'm pretty happy with it. I'm doing the same course as one girl from my school, and I'll have another doing maths teaching there, meaning i'm not gunna be totally lonely, making it even better. I'm...
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    Do u know any analysis on the Yeats poems Swans at Cool Easter 1916 When You are Old

    Do you mean like the different intepretations? We did a feminist analysis of When You Are Old, basically saying he demeans and threatens women and a New Criticsm for Wild Swans. I dunno if that helps you at all
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    Who went to ancient history talk?

    Re: Who went to ancien history talk? The one at Wesley Misson centre? I was there. I found the woman speaker quite useful, but the guy seemed to drone on a little bit. It was good value for notes...and a few smart alec remarks to certain bits and pieces. But overall, a bit boring yea...