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    physics question

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    What topics have you done?

    We have done: Complex Numbers Graphs Polynomials and just finished conics
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    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    is this fair?? So I had my physics half yearly today and it was all copied from a QAT 14 and QAT 15 trial (at least 80% of it apparently). Now I hadn't done these but some other students had so they had a massive advantage because the questions were nearly identical. are schools allowed to...
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    HSC Physics Marathon 2016

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    HSC Physics Marathon 2016

    NEW QUESTION Account for Lenz's Law in terms of conservation of energy (2)
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    AM(almost)A from a 2015 graduate

    What are your best tips for someone who wants to state ranks physics/high mark?
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    Extra mark?

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    Extra mark?

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    Best way to study for physics?

    Notes? No notes?
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    HSC 2016 MX2 Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2016 4U Marathon b) The polynomial equationx4+ 4x3−2x2−12x−3 = 0 has rootsα,β,γandδ.Find the polynomial equation with roots (α+ 1), (β+ 1), (γ+ 1) and (δ+ 1).(c) Hence, or otherwise, solve the equationx4+ 4x3−2x2−12x−3 = 0.
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    Notes or No Notes?

    Ok I will try the no notes for the first assessment as I feel I learn more thorough attempting questions.
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    Notes or No Notes?

    Should I make notes for Eco or just highlight and write notes in my textbook(following Mr.reditor's guide)?
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    Chemistry Prelim Context

    just wondering if you think it would be possible for someone to do well in Year 12 Chem if they did bad in Year 11 due to not being able to study because of personal issues.
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    Chemistry Prelim Context

    I was just wondering how much Preliminary Chemistry is in the HSC course?