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    Combined law transfer

    So how hard is it to get such marks to transfer? Is there a quota or something? and considering i only did general maths, how hard will it be to get good enough marks in Bbusiness to transfer to combined law? Thanx!
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    Combined law transfer

    im thinking about business/law but didnt make the cutoff..i want to try and get into business and transfer to combined law later can i do this? how hard is it and how soon can it be done? Ive heard they usually take 1/2 GPA and 1/2 ur UAI..
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    ok thanks heaps..ive just resolved not to go to uws to for law/eco, after reading a thread that law grads from uws usually take up managerial positions rather than practising as lawyers or i think i'll go for commerce or economics and transfer to combined soon can i...
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    Commerce or Eco at Macq

    which has less maths?? eco or comm? haha..ive heard commerce from some, eco from others?..what is it at mq neways? where can u get away with less maths at least?..
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    I want to eventually do commerce/law at mq but only got 93.7 so i obviously have missed the cut-off..i was thinking of still doing commerce or economics at mq and transferring..the trouble is i suck hard at maths..with maths being a prereq at mq and my pathetic general maths knowldge, being the...
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    post ur HSC legal marks here!

    92- public school...
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    2003 results

    Exam: 88 Assess: 86 HSC: 87 Band 5 Pretty happy..jus missed out on band 6 lol
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    HSC 2003 CAINERS!! What is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT tip u cud give for hsc 04?

    Keep ur assessment ranks up..try top 3 in every subject..and try hard to find some sort of interest in the subject, even if it is boring..jus try..and also cram ur ass off nite before...its amazing how much u can absorb when u cram..
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    anyone UAI 90+ & did stand eng?

    Yeah i did..I got 87 for my english standard mark and my UAI is 93.70. Basically all u need to do is go quite well with your other subjects and pretty much get a band 5 for english standard..there shouldnt be any prob getting 90+ in that case.. But in saying that I do wish I had done advanced...
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    2003 UAIs

    93.8 Soooo Happy...i cant believe it even after all those predictions of early 90s..i didnt even believe high 80s..omg so damn happy!! :D Here are my results Business: 78 Eco: 91 Legal: 92 English Standard: 87 Modern History: 86 Btw does anyone know what the highest mark given for...
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    2003 HSC Marks

    Business st. - 78 Economics - 92 Legal st - 91 English Standard - 87 Modern History - 86 Pretty happy!
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    friend uai prediction plz..

    oh damn..she was hoping to make it beyond the 30.00 she didnt bother all year neways..jus wanted to know..thanks heaps man!
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    friend uai prediction plz..

    My friend jus wants to have a prediction of what they might be expecting uai-wise.. Here are their: subject - assessment rank - estimated raw hsc mark.. 1) English standard - 60/130 - 40% (est raw hsc) 2) General Maths - 50/100 - 55% 3) Business Studies - 45/75 - 30% 4) Legal Studies...
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    How much?

    good boy! will b generously rewarded for doing doing so and..Jto the whatever please stop alluding to homosexual images and ur repressed feelings..jus calm down and stop being so possessive..ur jus jealous and upset u didnt write the magical number 20 or write 20 pgs..good luck to you...
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    How much?

    thats soo good..he/she should be extrememly pleased with their marks..6 booklets for one question is a great indicator..he/she will go even better if the magical number of 20 appears in it..good luck to them and to you as well..u are a good lad!
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    Estimate UAI..thnx!!

    1) Subject:Legal St./ Mark: 80/ Rank:1 2) Subject: Mod. Hist./ Mark:85 / Rank:3 3) Subject:Business St. / Mark:80 / Rank:5 4) Subject:English Standard / Mark:82-86 / Rank:3 5) Subject:Economics / Mark:75-80 / Rank:1 Could u please tell me how eco is gunna affect my giving...
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    How much?

    i do feel quite hurt that no one is takn me seriously..this guy is a really top bloke..hes full of wisdom and im sure he knows what hes going on is true about the 20 page thing..
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    Only one essay on Globalisation?!?

    10 mins to do a diagram? i drew quite a few of money supply for monetary Policy then a phillips curve and a quite few other S and D diagrams they take 1-3 mins each i think..but i managed quite a few and yes in total i had 5 booklets for that question
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    How much?

    if the magical number 20 appears in ur exam somewhere or u wrote 20 pgs..u will be automatically be placed in the exemplar pile..i have a good felling about u..ur in!