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    Starting out...

    i thought the retail exam was good and retail exam beats the maths exam any day. Retail is a pretty easy exam. I go to a catholic scool and i agree with the statement "if anything a catholic school makes you less religious' cause i was never religious and i went to a public school and then to...
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    Southern Cross uni....

    because i am trying to find out if i am the only one who has applied for that uni. What courses are you interested in??
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    Is It A Good Thing That The S&c Exam Is The Last Exam???

    nuh hair in the morning, then sign out of school, do exam, get ready and then go to parramatta- no sweat
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    acknowledgement letter??

    they send the application acknowledgements in novemeber or december thats what i was told
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    Southern Cross uni....

    anyone applied for southern cross university at lismore????
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    Is It A Good Thing That The S&c Exam Is The Last Exam???

    No its not a good day for the Society exam cause my formal starts at 7 and the exam doesnt finish till 4 :(
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    How many ppl at your school left early?

    There was one chick at my school who left at 10.30 but shes a dumb ass. Most of the year left in the last half hour
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    We hadd to use the phone along with one of the images

    i used the picture as the ending of my story. It said to do that at either the beginging or end of your story