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    NKE to the death of Thut IV questions

    Yeah....interesting. Should've been ok, even though I hate Egypt and think its all crap, but I chose the wrong question for me. Should have done the empire question but no, i chose the Thut III question and realised what i should've done half way through, which by that stage it was too late too...
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    my multiple choice answers

    Bloody Human Story option. Mitochondrial DNA and I don't mix well at the best of times. but a 6 mark question?! Why do they have to be so evil?! I swear, we did about...oh, 20 minutes or so on it in class - max. evil evil bastards. Yucky kidney and ADH and aldosterone questions. I just suck...
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    did everyone just bs in that!!??

    Yeah...that Beadle and Tatum question I couldn't remember at all. Anyone else do The Human Story? 6 mark question (altogether) on mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA! We covered it for, like, 20 minutes in class. 6 marks. fuckers. ...and to those who did do the human story - which model did...
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    WELL, I don't know about the rest of you, but in my classroom in was a very INTERESTING exam. Our supervisor person decided to talk to us beforehand, and after the reading time, both of which were slightly distracting. In the reading time, after seeing some of the questions, i did two things: a)...
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    Hatshepsut Question!

    I'm the opposite. I really, truly hate Hatshepsut and all New Kingdon Egypt stuff (which, subsequently, is/was another of my topics. Unlucky me!). I do believe, in the reading time, I a) started laughing, followed by b) swearing under my breath. I can just never remember quotes! That's why I...
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    I thought it was.......ok. Section one got to me a bit - i wasnt that happy with it. the texts and questions annoyed me. I didn't write much for section two, that was wher ei cut time for my essay, probably not that great an idea but *shrugs* oh well, I'll get over it. English is just annoying...
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    hurrah for history nerds :D

    well, all i can say to all you people with mildly good teachers at the least; i hate you. i was quite interested in it, hence why i chose this subject. but no, they give us the single crappest teacher in the school. i remember someone else saying they had a shocking teacher, well i really think...
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    Who went to ancient history talk?

    haha yes, I was there. It was quite the boring, my concerntration flew completely out the window by the middle of the second lecture. Subsequently, my friend and I wrote 3 pages to each other about anything from banana splits to koosh balls. Although i was lucky/smart, when one of my friends was...
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    Uai 99+?

    yep, you'll have to work a hell of a lot harder if you want to get that UAI. try for at least high 80's, and into the 90's, if you want to get it. also, depends on your subjects, your school, and your rank. if you have a good school and a good class, if theres a difference in marks from your...
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    Grey's Anatomy

    when's it going to come back on? or have i just completely missed it and it is back on?
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    Your Favourite Subject?

    nope, nope i do believe i definately win this battle. see the thing about notes.......we dont really HAVE any notes. we just get given millions of sheets which we are sposed to read, and more than that, millions of useless useless questions to do. she is generally known at my school as the big...
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    Your Favourite Subject?

    1. biology 2. english/ancient history/legal studies 3. maths ancient's good except i have the worlds worst teacher (no jokes on this one either), legal i have a good teacher and an awesome class. maths just sucks full stop. is anyone from here going on that ancient history study day on...
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    girls with opinions...

    I agree with lala on this one as well. and also, if its at a party, are they sober or drunk? because if its the second one of course theyre gonna talk shit!