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    so what kind of structure would be best to use for this essay? talk chronologically about the debates and then add in what the historians thought of them? like.. diem was murdered in the coup of 63... (or whatever! hee hee) and there is some debate as to whether JFK was or was not aware of...
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    the HTA prize thing

    our teacher just entered the top 2 students in our class... 85 % is a really good mark! our teachers marked really hard... I got like.. 77% for the trial, but 100% for my proposal.. all the teachers in our trial marked hard.. I normally get 90% for ancient and I got 74%! our crazy school...
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    Source Book of Readings - HELP!!!

    thats what I'm doing too... Our teacher only taught us from the source book... then she gave us some books to use by ourselves for other points of view... which none of us read, of course, haha... The source book has enough information on the prominent historians for you to understand...
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    What did everyone do for their projects?

    Its marked internally isn't it? cos I dunno my mark! I did... Tutankhamun: murder of the boy king I know that my teacher put me in for some scholarship thing or a prize award thingy thing.. I came second in my class of six :D
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    HSC Exemplar Samples

    I thought I'd read this post because our teacher only gave band 3/4 exemplar answers.. but that is all there is available, isn't it?! why don't they provide exemplars from the top band? unless history extension has less bands than everyone else! arg! why don't they have 5/6 answers?! hmph.
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    To Settle Q8 Once And For All!!

    haha thats so funny! your whole year was based around your area's crime? must have really made it easier to understand the topics! :D
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    NEED HELP with Gendered Language

    Where can I get notes or exemplar essays for this subject? I found choosing a self selected text hard and I also find it difficult to explain how language shapes and reflects values! please help! thanks in advance!
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    a joke throughout exam

    I did mine on the marriage picture too.. and since the title was, picture of change... I did how they were artists and he painted this pic for her in secret like... and yeah.. ahah.. PICTURE of CHANGE... *laughs weakly* that was the extent of my joke for english! :D
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    section 2: spartan society

    our class did a lot on religion! we did all these festivals like the gymnopaediae and the hyakinthia and whatnot.. and I thought about doing the short answer questions for Sparta, but I thought, I could get a whole essay out of that question, and I knew I'd go overboard, so I did new kingdom...
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    Calling the 'Gendered Language' Few

    lol. I am! I'm resorting to cutting her essay into bits using a dictionary to understand each point, and rewriting it in language I can understand... :(
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    Looking back...

    society... cos its more... broad.. you can talk about stuff and it doesn't have to be 100% true! where as if you do a period, you have to refer to the specific events that happened and whatnot!:D
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    Section 1 wtf!!!!!

    I thought that question a was a bit weird... it seemed more of a social science question, not an art question! I said I thought it was to do with overpopulization and the glass ceiling for migrants who can't speak english so well and have difficulty getting good jobs. And I think I mentioned...
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    Calling the 'Gendered Language' Few

    Well, I could really do with some help from you other poor souls stuck doing gendered language! MY SELF SELECTED TEXT SUCKS! arg! I'm telling you, it is so hard to find one its unbelieveable.. our class didn't get an exemplar essay, it got an essay from this really smart girl who did the...