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    2013 HSC Results/ATAR banter!

    4u and english is gonna drag me down so hard T_T I'd be happy if I got 85 regardless of shit internal ranks.... Gluck HSCers '13 (:
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    atar estimate please

    I'm a really shit student so please don't be harsh! Thnx School Rank: 30s-40s 2u English: 149/150 3u maths: 113/140 4u maths: 42/42 Physics: 76/77 Chemistry: 113/114 Eco: 35/37 Based on these, I was given ~80 estimate. Is 85-87 obtainable realistically? (Bombed out English and 4u exam)
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    E4 cut off estimate?

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    Scaled mark?

    What would a 50-60% and 60-70% align to?
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    Belonging Text Recommendations

    I heard Sarah Gavron's Brick Lane is a good one! Any opinions? Anyone have any good analysis?
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    HSC papers vs Trial papers

    Hi Locus, are you that cute Asian boy, Vincent , from Hurlstone Ag high who got 99 estimate? Hit me up anytime :)
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    umat/atar requirements for dent?
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    Dentistry at Adelaide

    Wats cut off for dent ? Is it possible to get in with 90?
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    ATAR estimate please! gg hsc??? 90 not possible? :'(

    2u English: 145/160 3u maths: 100/120 4umaths : 41/49 :'( Chem: 111/124 Physics: 76/79 School rank: 30