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    Late Round Offers out Wednesday 9pm

    when is the last date to accept late round offers???
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    All about Preferences and Offers

    how do i change my preferences for late round offers?>
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    Commercial Cookery question

    haha yeah the same thing happened to me. every half an hour id think oh crap im almost finished forever.. and id start to get excited.. but then remembered i still had to actually finish
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    HOSPO extended response commercial cook

    i thought this question was so so vague and hard to really understand what exactly u were meant to write. i would of preferred a menu or something. but hey ITS OVER
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    What were funniest momentf of your HSC

    well today cause it was the hottest day EVER.. i had food tech, and a girl in my class walks in the examination hall and looked all hot and bothered.. decided to take her bra off.. and leave it on the table out the front!!!! ahhaha funniest girl ever then the whole time i kept looking up at...
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    Got PIP?

    yeah totally.. after months and months of researching, blood, sweat and tears we never know :(
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    Got PIP?

    When do we get our PIP's sent back?
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    Has everyone been studying it up?

    Feeling confident?
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    Trial Results

    i got 80% the lowest was in the 20's i think
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    Popular Culture Question

    it was marketing, advertising and business i did part a cause i studied social change within rock n roll and knew the characteristic of course but to me in came out in a bunch of words that didnt make sense
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    Society and Culture thoughts?

    yeah theres only three in my class. heaps of people dropped in year 11 cause of the pip i really like society, one of my favourites
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    Society and Culture thoughts?

    i reckon society is something that u could studying forever for and never really feel like u have covered enough!
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    haha.. i was thinking maybe easy off bam?? and daniel.. u dont know who ur messing with :P haha
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    finished, bored, and sober?

    oh dude this conversation has turned weird.. for all to see HI MUM :D
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    OH its on biatch.
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    finished, bored, and sober?

    with big boobs.. oh wait thats not normal is it? pft
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    finished, bored, and sober?

    and a hot baby it will be
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    WHO GIVES U THE RIGHT TO LAUGH man u are the biggest dick i have ever met daniel.. i mean god
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    finished, bored, and sober?

    you only wish you were close enough to me to get herpes! haha you know u want me bleh
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    finished, bored, and sober?

    i know what u should do with your time.. go to elizabethtown!! :P