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    Exam Thoughts

    I thought the exam was pretty good. the westernisation question got me a bit but ahwellls. i did popular culture question a) and focused on rock n roll.. wrote 4pgs and belief systems question b) and focused on buddhism.. wrote 2.5 pgs lol i was surprised we had 4pg booklets too but anyways...
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    How did you go?

    Yeh i had them two options too. i thought they were pretty good actually!! i know i wont get full marks for the 5mk question on anabolic steroids and human growth hormonse because i kinda didn't study that. but both the 12mk q's i thought were pretty easy!! wrote about 4 pgs for sports med and...
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    English Over Forever

    woooo no more english!! apart from going to uni lol. but i totally stuffed wilfred owen :( ran out of time so only wrote 3pgs on it. but other 2 modules were all good :) and area of study was good too!