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    fear and loathing in las vegas

    i hear ya man! i talked about the drug trips being a catalyst or vehicle that takes him on this imag. journey. i used quotes like "big black bats" and there is a line about the cops being lizards these quotes show how the american dream no longer exists (cops should be seen as heros not...
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    A good way to study - Law&Soc/Human Rights

    also, a just law has F.R.E.E.A Fairness human Rights Equity Equality Accessibility to be effective for the individual it is P.E.A.R.E Protection and recognition of individual rights Equality Accessibility Resource Efficiency Enforceability to be effective for society it...
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    Section 3 - Focus Studies

    the info you guys are dropping is most excellent you have no idea how incendiary your notes are very very very much appreciated. thank you ALL