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    Warnings/advice please!

    I want to sleep too, that coffee was a mistake. I do think now that full recovery and concentrating hardcore allnighter at 60% fuel. Thanks!
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    How did you find/hear about us?

    hi, first it was from icq. i checked the site out but i thought the community in hschelp was better.
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    IPT Scaling

    IPT has a scaled mean of 21.3, this is horrible scaling but if you do well (95+) in the exam it shouldn't affect you.
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    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    This is good post,There is no idea about this post.Please help me!
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    What do your teachers think of us???

    my teachers have taken an interest in this site, especially my physics teacher, who favors the readily available trial papers from different school's,yet he's kinda acknowledged there might be some copy right infringements
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    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    Re: ppl who got >90 in subjects how did u study?!?! The study tips are, Study in Short, Frequent Sessions:It has been proven that short bursts of concentration repeated frequently are much more effective than one long session. Take Guilt-Free Days of Rest:This follows the same principle...
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    Tips on doing visual representation for artistically challenged people?

    The visual learners understand concepts and ideas better when they are presented in pictures, text, drawings, graphs, charts or other visual representations. Here are some tips for making your coursework and schooling a little easier if you’re a visual learner. Organization: Keeping your stuff...
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    How does one 'Top the State'?

    If you are ranked first in your school you will not be pulled down by your cohort. It's possible for any student to achieve a state rank.