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    Definition of Marketing in 4th Edition by Kotler...

    one of the 5 is from the text book, the other 4 you can get from anywhere
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    Definition of Marketing in 4th Edition by Kotler...

    yep thats it, im doing the same assesment
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    64 bit wifi

    wierd, cause mine works fine
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    UWS Vent Your Spleen

    chill out man, its just a bit o fun
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    Who was hot?

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    UWS Vent Your Spleen

    To the parking instructors, please get your eye-site checked. i see yellow parking spots in p1 but you still enjoy sending me to parramatta north
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    Mid-year Break

    there is also a mid semester break? i think..
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    64 bit wifi

    mine works?
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    Parking At Parramatta

    Ive never seen anything so bad in my life, the road the uni is on(victoria rd) is just banked up in traffic you wait 40mins to finally get into the uni then the parking instructors tell you to f*ck off and go to parramatta north. so frustrating what does everyone else do to get a park? im...
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    Parramatta Campus Parking

    yeh a second year told me today if you dont have a park by 9.30 you will be going elsewhere
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    Arrghh my shoulder...

    its not suppose to be hurting your shoulder, maybe try getting someone to assist you next time
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    Introduction to Economic Methods

    its better to be safe then sorry so i would say turn up anyway
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    Introduction to Economic Methods

    i havnt done that course, but i heard its not heavily based
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    Semester Break help

    thanks heaps :)
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    Semester Break help

    I will be needing an operation during this year sometime, im doing the spring and autumn session. Can anyone help me with the dates that the semester breaks occur on?
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    Business and Commerce Help

    funny thing is thats exactly what i did lol
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    lagging bench

    my left is also slightly bigger, it is natural though in some body builders
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    Tutorial Registration

    my next registration opens in 10mins :S
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    Schoolies Advice

    I went last year to the goldcoast and had a great time, here are a few pointers for those going this year or considering going this year. < Those going to surfers if you are under 18 make sure you go up during the first week. There is nothing, i repeat there is nothing to do if you are...