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    2003 UAIs

    I got 90.50 I'm happy to be in the 90's but a little dissapionted not to be around 95. Never mind only need 70.
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    Industrial Chemistry

    Was anyone eles not expecting a soap question quite like that. I kinda had to make up my answer. Also my teacher said the last question was not part of the sylabus. Didn't stop me from writing a fairly good answer.
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    multipule choice answers

    in the third test tube, X does not replace the Z ions therefore Z>X>Y which is D
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    multipule choice answers

    EDIT: Here is a table of compiled reults: Note, these are not neccesarily correct, they just show the answers of those on this thread who provided answers for all 15 questions. Last Updated: Today...
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    Indy chem ~ eq. const.

    800 or something around that can't rember exactly
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    How was it ??

    nothing i couldn't do except for a little bullshiting in industrial chem
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    who's einstein?

    Did anyone have effects on scientific thinking in there answer. I just said something about enabling scientists to understand light and high speed travel.
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    Multiple Choice (Compiled Answers)

    According to those results i get 15/15 :) but i always was better at multiple choice than written stuff.
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    Multiple Choice (Compiled Answers)

    b a b a d b d c c a b d d d a i'm fairly confident with all of my answers
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    who's better at 4unit maths?-boys or girls

    my 4 unit class has 4 girls and 2 guys and 2 of the girls always finish 1st,2nd. It's a bit of a mix up from there
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    Soccer talk eg. prem league, champ league, serie a etc

    how good did harry's mullet look highlight of the match for me
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    What marks did people get for the trial CSSA physics paper??

    i got second with 77% first was 80% however i hope to scab a few more marks
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    Soccer talk eg. prem league, champ league, serie a etc

    i can't belive the socceroos where so lacking in attack they only scored cause viduka was given the ball 3 yards out they only play that looked liked the could create goals was lazarides the rest of the team lacked the flair to break the irish defense bring back kewell soon
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    Fave author?

    i can't belive no one has mentioned Michael Crichton. i think he is the best writer by country mile. his mix of scientific facts with a thrilling plots are superb.
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    Soccer tipping

    how good was emertons goal in the first match he's a star if u ask me the epl is going to be between manU and arsenal again. chealsea and liverpool won't het there acts together enough to challenge for the title
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    Predict Trials Mark(CSSA)

    i did the exam today and thought it was fairly easy but i proberly stuffed up a whole lot of little marks looking for 85+