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    Fuck all these kids worried about scaling and shit. If you're relying on scaling to save you, you're going to school for the wrong reasons. There is no easy way out of getting good marks. Sure you may get a good scaled mark, but your raw mark will be fuck all. JUST DO YOUR BEST IN ALL SUBJECTS!
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    How to not hate English?

    Deal the fuck with it if you ask me. Once you finish your HSC you will realise you wasted your time hating your subject/s. Unless you're a dropkick. Enjoy the damn subject for the sake of being with mates and cracking jokes in class.
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    BAS is the biggest waste of time!

    I'm doing this subject at the moment. Yes it's fucking boring and you think "this is so shit why the fuck did they put this subject in" BUT, you will realise that it's a very important unit and vital for you to pass your course. I surprised myself when I couldn't even reference sources to...
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    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    My guess is, if there is such minimal parts floating around the ocean, the plane must have slowly and gently landed on the water and sunk slowly.. There is no way in hell the plane could have crash landed into the ocean at high speed and have no parts break off.
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    How to ask this person out?

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    How to dress up as the opposite gender?

    In breaking news, Dream-Big from Bored Of Studies community has been confirmed as a troll.
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    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    My guess would be the plane was hijacked and purposely crashed landed into the ocean somewhere far away from land. For the plane to land (crash or properly landed), it would have been seen by at least one person on this planet. Plus if it went up in flames on land, I'm pretty sure smoke would be...
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    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    not sure if serious or..
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    How do I stop getting distracted

    Self control buddy. Nothing more you can do if you really need the internet to do your assignments. SELF.CONTROL.!
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    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    Very sad to hear this.. It is becoming very scary that a phone rang but no one picked up. If that was actually the case, and the plane is under the ocean, can you even gain reception there..? We wonder how hard could it be to find a plane, but it is indeed very difficult. Do remember, humans...
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    AWD vs. 4WD vs. FWD vs. RWD

    Agreed the GTI does wheel spin easy if you give it a boot, but in city traffic you don't get that much chance to give it a good go anyway haha
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    How to dress up as the opposite gender?

    Troll. Was not sure about his other thread but now I am sure. Wtf. Dress up as the opposite gender lol. This is funny.
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    How to ask this person out?

    Lmfao. This is a joke. What the actual fuck am I reading. Holy shit. I can't believe this shit. Why did she leave me I asked her why she left me but she didn't answer me I asked her another 3 times but she didn't answer me I dressed like a cool kid HA. Sorry OP, you've kind of creeped her...
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    How to ask this person out?

    1) How do you know "she's the one" when you only like her for her looks at the moment? 2) How can you say you want to spend the rest of your life with her when you only like her for her looks at the moment? 3) Do you know how "dates" end when you ask a girl out on a date when you just met...
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    Stressing out :/

    Look mate, this isn't for us to decide for you. But if you really want advise... If you find physics too hard, change to business studies. Business studies is all logical and makes sense. Everything will relate to each other. You can bullshit a lot of stuff in business and still do well. There...
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    Some roads that seem like fun!

    Maccas drive thru is the best road. If you're lucky you can handbrake it and slide around the corners.
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    Anyone driven on a track or similar?

    "brembo brakes ftw" lol