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    texbooks for unsw med 2004??

    no no, i'm not stressed! it's just that my sis can get some of them in india for HEAPS cheaper, but she gets back before we find out. so basically i'm a cheapskate who'd rather spend money on cds and clothes rather than books :D.
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    texbooks for unsw med 2004??

    does anyone know what they are? or when do we find out?
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    Who will be starting med March 1 2004?

    i got into unsw med w/a uai of 98.45, which i was pretty shocked about - i'd heard that if you didn't get 99+ there was no way you'd get in. however, i thought my interview went really well, and my interviewers were really friendly and responsive, and i also did quite well on my umat. hmmm...
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    (that wasn't sarcastic btw) :P
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    lol, you know, you've gotta very convincing argument....
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    lol - yeah i know, i fully prepared for any scientist questions! argh! ~sigh~ i guess that's the board of studies for ya... as for the questions i didn't like - i thought that last 6 marker was a load of bullshit - i ended up linking the factors that change the rate of electrolysis, like the...
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    w00t! Eutrophication

    i completely fluked the right answer! well...for half of it...i completely guessed that it was algal bloom...and i used a BOD test. ~shrugs~ lol, that's not right is it?
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    what's wrong w/me?!

    seriously - am i the only one who didn't have like an HOUR to spare?! I technically finished w/approx 15 mins left - but i would've liked a few more mins to finish reading over everything fixing up some answers. How could people be leaving after 2 hours?? :confused:
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    Not enough room?

    that's what booklets are for! our bio teacher's been drilling that into us for the past few weeks of last term, cuz we ALWAYS go over the line limit in our exams.
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    phloem tubes to not need to be as thin (or dead for that matter), because they do not rely on capillarity for movement, as w/xylem cells. and the only active transport involved in the movement in the phloem is actually loading the sugars into the phloem...the rest is all diffusion, which is passive
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    I think it's D as well (passive passive...i think that's D), because it's only active transport for the sugar solution to *enter* the phloem. however, once *in* the pholem, it uses diffusion to move, which is passive transport. Why does no one share my line of thinking?!
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    Best Biology Exam Ever

    even in the waffle, there was a fair bit of "info" you could add in randomly, even thought the question didn't specifically relate to it....basically what i'm saying is that you could've shown that you studied and that you knew stuff even though most of the questions were *extremely* vague...
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    Genetics the code broken

    I fucked the 7 mark a little bit - for some reason ~heh~ i didn't quite see "gene" and just thought "animal and plant cloning! I know about this!" the rest of the option i thought was alright though. I didn't have a problem w/the fingerprint? but the 5 marker had me stuck for a bit
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    Official Question 2 Thread - Creative Writing

    mine was SO bad - think of the worst scenario you can think of, and that was mine. i was going to relate my ending back to the wedding picture - but did i get to finish?! my story doesn't relate to any of the pictures at all...i'm not even sure if it fucking shows any sort of...
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    what do u think u got out of 45?

    i'm hoping for about 90% - i thought sections 1 and 3 were good...but section 2 was SOOO BAD!!!! argh - how uninspiring were those photos?! hopefully...high 30s, low 40s - but section 2'll drag me down, i'm sure if it
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    History and Memory

    yes and no...i know, it sucks ay? :(
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    Uni students pay dearly for cutbacks

    yeah, me too - although i dont' think they'll be taking away spots, i think the uai entrance scores will just increase the uai for vet's been decreasing over the past three years - i think it'll go up this year - which is not good news for me!! :S obviously much more -...
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    For Cyph and Cinderella

    you should be asking Huy - he did mine or lazerus (sorry if i spelt that wrong), cuz didn't he create UAIseeker??
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    UAI estimate please

    k thanks :). my teacher thinks i'll kill bio (and i don't even think she was saying that to be nice! :P). i stuffed up the 1st and 3rd asst, but i rocked the 2nd and 4th :D. thanks again for all your help, it's a load off my back :). go study! :P