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    credit average

    I challenge any eng/sci to work over 22 hours/week and get a wam over 55 (unsw).
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    should i do a physics bridging course?

    I wouldn't bother with the bridging course, however I would take a look at the syllabus of the physics course you will be taking as part of medsci, and read over some topics in the prescribed text (I think it's Hecht 2nd edition for USyd physics) don't read up on everything in the syllabus (if...
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    Removal of English as a REQUIRED subject.

    Yes.. And Maths/Phys/Chem is relevant to students studying engineering/science upon entering tertiary education. Anc/Mod/Ext1 History is relevant to those studying Arts/History in tert. ed Year 10 commerce, hsc business studies, eco is relevant to those studying commerce/business/eco once they...
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    Where is it best to do International Studies??

    whichever one is closest to where you live
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    Removal of English as a REQUIRED subject.

    Why should even an elementary knowledge of 'how different productions dramatise the struggle between chaos and order in King Lear' be a prerequisite of university study?
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    evaluate? :confused:

    heh you guys are so mean..
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    A few problems from Fitzpatrick- care to help?

    "7. i) If y'=2y and y=10 when x=0, express y as a function of x." hey, you know how y' is the same as dy/dx ? just a different notation we can say: dy/dx = 2y we can then invert it to get: dx/dy = 1/(2y) (ie flip both sides) dx/dy = 1/(2y) times both sides by dy dx = 1/(2y) dy...
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    Removal of English as a REQUIRED subject.

    I was hoping that was sarcasm but unfortunately I was unable to detect any. How on Earth is reading a few random plays in broken English from the 16th century even vaguely necessary to 'further our culture'? I actually did enjoy reading a many genres of novels before commencing my hsc studies...
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    Removal of English as a REQUIRED subject.

    People that take 4U maths MAKE it relevant to the modern world by benefiting the students in their tertiary education. How much people take 4U Maths and have no plans whatsoever to enter tertiary edu? Very little. I'd say a good amount of 4U students plan to enter tertiary education in the...
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    Law Revue

    Going on thursday :D
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    UNSW Courses + Careers day

    Saturday 4th September 2004 (9am to 4pm) Courses and Careers day is the time to come to see the campus, talk to staff and students about the UNSW experience, and to find out about our programs, admissions and student life. Telephone: 9385 1844 / 9385 1866 E-mail...
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    Posting to ledgers question

    Hello Do you post to ledgers at the end of the 'accounting cycle', or at another time? An example: Say our accounting cycle is from the 19th to the 19th of each subsequent month, would we add our journal totals and post to ledgers on the 19th of each month? Or at the end of each month?
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    CALCULUS - help...

    newton developed it first but he was such a slowass he hardly published shit, if you want post newton/leibniz check for a bloke called bernoulli
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    Session 1 Results

    george, is that george C.H.L ?
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    Naturally occuring acids and bases?

    2-hydroxy-1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid is acceptable.
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    Session 1 Results

    S1 ELEC1011 Electrical Engineering 1.........98 HD wtffffffff! lol
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    Session 1 Results

    S1 ELEC1011 Electrical Engineering 1.........48 PC S1 MATH1131 Mathematics 1A...................55 PS S1 PHYS1131 Higher Physics 1A................51 PS S1 SOLA1050 Intro to Solar Energy 1..........61 PS Term WAM: 53.750 Overall WAM: 53.750 THERE IS A...
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    Sine rule question

    you need to test for validity its because sine has 2 values between 0 and 2pi if they give you angle A, length a and length b, there are 2 different diagrams you can draw (this is why ssa isnt a congruency test)
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    yes!! you should be very worried! if you dont study you will go down... down like a titanic!! ahahahah PUN INTENDED
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    yeah but us cons aren't as good at it