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    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    question; are these skinnier than gee gee?!
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    Weight training/exercises
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    Re: How did you guys go? lol
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    Compulsory superannuation - Macro or Micro?

    It's micro.
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    Wearing contacts!

    I wear 2 weekly contacts They fine, easy to clean and chuck em out after 14 uses. Usually no irritation or blury shit or anything.
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    Is this normal?

    Give her your cock already.
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    hair dressers in strathfield

    Hurstville triple 8 = Five dollah.
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    Economics scaling?

    Does Business studies beat Legal studies scaling wise..
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    Favorite Energy Drink

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    Economics scaling?

    Whats your name? Curious as to whether you'll get a state ranking in the subject.
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    are you gonna study in the holidays

    Mmmhmm. State library here i come. 5/7. 10-6. w00t.
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    Scenario: What would you do?

    Use it to your advantage. Im guessing shes probally good at what she does, so go for it.
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    Sending txt's

    I find girls that "try" to flirt are fucking shit at it. Rather, their natural flirtacious senses are much better than them trying to be all this and that. Just be yourself and im sure you dont need the flirting, who knows some flirting might even come out of it.
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    So what do i do?

    Yer im youngest in my year. Nope only child :( Fakies are shit i've seen em, any gaurd with an IQ slightly greater than a potato can tell its fake.
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    So what do i do?

    All my friends are old fucks able to drive and turning 18 this year. Im only 16, turning 17 in June and am an 08'er finishing HSC this year. So while all my asscunt friends are partying their asses off legally at the end of the year, what am i suppose to do?
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    Economics scaling?

    Chem > Eco > Phys Scaling wise.
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    They've changed the syllabus!

    I heard the changed Area of Study in Eng. Adv. Next year, no more Journey. Think its going to be "Belongings". Goodluck 09'ers :P