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    need help - related texts for BILLY ELLIOT

    oooh ur right sex and the city does sound like a good one to use!! thanks! you could also use: - ann of green gables - angela's ashes - full monty (film) - educating rita (film) - the tomorrow series by john marsden and thats all i can think of at the moment, i hope i helped in some...
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    Billy Elliot

    yer i wouldnt mind discussing or swapping notes with anyone also currently doing it for the module "into the world"
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    Billy Elliot.. Notes

    me 2 i need more notes on billy elliot even if its just a little.
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    help with module B

    i was under the impression tht u didnt have to refer to other text bcos it was a close study on Cosi or whatever text you're doing and you were only looking at/analysing that text only.
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    Distinctively Visual Other Related Texts?

    so the lake house is counted as an ORT?? i didnt know tht...
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    Related texts for Distinctive Voices?

    the song "anarchy in the uk" by the sex pistols
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    The life and crimes of harry lavender

    hey i just had a thought ur all having trouble with harry lav... including me so why dont we get our email addresses together and do like an msn study group thing. PM if u think this sounds like a good idea and we will discuss further.
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    is this a good film for belonging??

    what about elizabethtown?? is tht a good one?? ive heard it being mention but im still unsure about it...
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    is this a good film for belonging??

    I was going through the different films and was wondering whether these would be good for belonging: elizabethtown harry potter 1 and 3 billy elliot rabbitproof fence gandhi edward scissorhandswould any of these be good, plz help!! :confused:
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    2009 HSC English Texts - What are you studying?

    Standard English AOS: Belonging Set Texts: a simple gift the life and crimes of harry lavender cosiORMs: Looking for alibrandi (novel) the rabbits (picture book) the arrival (picture book) Elizabethtown (film)
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    The Simple Gift

    its considered as a collection of poems, so its poetry
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    The Simple Gift

    hey does any one have any notes on individual chapters in a simple gift, if so, it would be much appreciated if you could post or send it to me.
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    Want to brainstorm the concept of belonging with me?

    This was helpful. thanks! I was really stuck on which texts to use.:)
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    Visual Art Students! Who did you pick 4 your essay artists?

    oooh im reading the henson case at the moment...its good to see im on the right track
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    Visual Art Students! Who did you pick 4 your essay artists?

    bill henson, julie rrap, patricia piccinini, yasumasa morimura, frida kahlo, francisco de goya, edvard munch
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    What Units do I Study???

    every-thing you can possibly think of: probability, measurement, data analysis, financial maths, algebra, etc.
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    Learning General Maths on your own

    I think the best book for learning general maths yourself is "excel revise HSC general maths in a month" by Lyn Baker try it! I guarantee it is the best for learning on your own.
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    Yes i am. I hope to one day be as great as the famous "Natsuki Takaya" the artist & author of "Fruits Basket".:)
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    yeah thx tht site is rly gr8!!!!!!
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    business management and change question

    well Ballin, b4 i looked at the correct answer u gave i guessed POLITICS bcos in the political system not everyone is controlled, so not everyone coooperates. And didn't the question say "some managers are still not cooperating".