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    Cafz Multiple Choice

    yeah i asked my teacher and she sed question 3 is definitely C, cos D refers to reliability. i only know a few answers def from what i checked with teacher so here it goes 3 = c 4= c 5=b 6=d 7=c 8=b 9=a 10=d
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    last exam! yay! how u guys like it?

    haha damn u graph! i agree 15 markers for parenting and caring sucked! multiple choice were heaps difficult 4 sure, cos sum of the same answers sounded exactly the same. that short answer question was weird about how men access resources differently compared 2 women, and had 2 talk about...
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    last exam! yay! how u guys like it?

    haha go the bullshitting ay...always makes up a few lines! go the gays and lesbians in rural area hey! haha congrats in finishing everyone!
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    last exam! yay! how u guys like it?

    The most average exam ever, so terrible! but its all over, and we're FREE!!!
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    Multiple choice

    :) Hey st joeys girl, yeah i got the same anwers as you, except for question 7, where i got B. Only cos if ur giving change, ud have 2 round 2 the nearest 5c. Im so annoyed cos i stuffed up question 10 cos i was deciding between A or D but i put D dammit! affirmative action is right. and...
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    Multiple choice

    Just interested in what everyone got 4 their multiple choice answers?
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    Starting out...

    sorry 4got 2 answer ur question, ergonomic is poor design
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    Starting out...

    retail Hey, yeah i thought it was pretty sweet. Like im glad i studied cos sum of the short answers were sorta specific, but other than that i was happy with extended responses. Its the best hsc paper so far i reckon - last yrs was hard. what did anyone else think ?
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    Multiple choice answers

    multiple choice Yeah guys for question 5 the catholic church increased due to IMMIGRATION which is B. catholic church does not gain from denominational swtiching. Cos i read sumthing where catholicism increased due to immigration for england, italy, malta, poland and irelend. Increased from...
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    What The Fuck Was Crime??

    yeah i did the types of crime as crimes against the person etc etc, cos if u look under the syllabus, they r the types of crime. screw the crime essay ay. my teacher sed extradition etc isnt one, cos the question related to domestic measures. It was a shitty question cos nothing we got asked...
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    Change Speech: "book launch"---watif ur rel.tx are like a photo and film?????????????

    the "book launch" The ironic thing is, my PRESCRIBED TEXT is a FILM!!! Not a fricken book. Good on ya board of studies!
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    Whos doin wat option topics

    Options Nah i luv the options we're doing; Shelter and Indigenous. Shelter is challenging but relatively short compared 2 to other options. Indigenous is sweet as, cos really u can only really be asked 1 question, its just reworded diff. Go my legal teacher, u rule!