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    STAT1070 course

    Has anyone done the STAT1070 course?? :chainsaw: lol
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    Multiple Choice

    :S :S it sounds like we had completely different multiple choice questions??!?! can someone post the first few questions??????
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    How Did You Answer The Parenting And Caring Part C?

    um.. i took "different styles of parenting" as authoritarian, permissive, indulgent and democratic styles. and i wrote about those and how the dynamic of the family would change, and how this would effect everyones wellbeing bla bla
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    What'd everyone think??

    Re: Individuals and work what question are you referring to where it sounded like they were talking about workplace law reforms?
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    is my irp topic good?

    Hi! I did underage drinking and received nearly full marks! :) It was a good topic for me. What school do you go to?
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    Just checking for HSC....

    Ok I'm preparing to start studying, just checking that the only topics we can be tested on are Parenting & Caring, Groups in Context, Research Methodologies and whatever our elective was (mine was Social Impact of Technology) Is this right? I keep finding year 11 folders and Im worried that...
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    The End of "King Lear" (not just for us)

    I actually enjoyed King Lear. I was very disappointed with the question, I know that I could have gotten a mark a lot higher than what i will :( If they had asked for our personal response in relation to other interpretations (LIKE WE SPENT ALL OUR TIME LEARNING) then it would have been much...
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    General response to how the exam went: Module B :mad:

    hmm i sucked. i didnt get the king lear question till i got out. DAMN what a waste of preparing i knew that topic so well. :(
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    Feedback: for schoolies organisers & 2005 schoolies

    EGonk you're awesome.
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    Social Impact of Tecnology???

    Im doing the same topic but from lack of interest i seem to have written LIMITED notes.. hahah does anyone have any? i can give u the few i have?? lol
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    CSSA Legal Trial RESULTS!

    Multiple Choice 12/15 Law and justice 9/10 Crime 18/25 Family 21/25 Consumers 18/25 = 78% and 2nd rank guess thats ok :)
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    the SAC HSC exam

    just check out all the past papers that the board of studies site has, it gives a pretty good indication of what will be in the HSC. Also, hopefully your trials have or will give you an idea? :)
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    question about GHD straighteners

    I have a GHD, curled my hair today in fact! haha i have the smaller one. My advice is look for a brand new one on Ebay, I saved $100 and it was brand new and the exact same thing you would purchase. They are the best things ever, combine this with Tresemme (sorry cant spell) spray that u put in...
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    What date do we get it back?

    Im including this information in my Society and Culture PIP --> What date do we receive back the HSC marks? How long does it take? A month after the exams??? thanks for any replies.
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    UAI - worried

    ten years!! hahaha jeeze does it take 10 years for your UAI to never be looked at again I thought it would take, one maybe two!
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    The HSC Sux!!

    hahaha this all sounds so true. Im also doing the HSC this year, and the stress is building. We all just have to remind ourselves that the UAI only REALLY matters next year, then after that we're fine. the hsc isnt everything, it just seems that way now. If we're hardworkers it won't matter...
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    UAI - worried

    Im not actually sure about the courses; ive only begun looking around now haha - probably just getting excited for the end :) I'm very interested in criminal law, (im doing well at legal studies) and also doing well at society and culture... I enjoy learning about behaviour and stuff like that...
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    UAI - worried

    Hi! Im in year 12 this year and Im very excited to finish! I really want to attend this UNI, but from the SAM thing and my own predictions I dont think I will be able to get past 75 UAI :( will I still be able to attend this UNI? Im not sure how it all works. Thanks for any replies :)
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    Schoolies Cruise .. 1st december

    I Am =)