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    Art Theory revision for HSC

    How can u write about 5 artists times atleast 4 artworks from each.. that is at least 20 artworks in a 45min essay.. thats absolutely impossible.. i got 24/25 for my essay in the trials and i spoke of 5 artists and one artwork for each..
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    This exam was a JOKE!

    I honestly thought it sucked.. i was expecting easier... the trial was heaps easier.. i was quite dissappointed!
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    How did you find the Hospo exam??

    Hey i did poaching ^^^ what did u do for it?
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    How did you find the Hospo exam??

    Hey guys? how did u find the exam? i was happy with it.. it was what i expected.. the multiple choice was pretty easy.. but question 21 about the communication media i thought sucked?? i left 20minutes early most ppl were leaving already at my school...
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    $$$ Money... that's what I want

    $10 - wood $100 - silk screens $50 - paper $50 - printing
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    CSSA Trial- Hints, Tips and Help

    ahhh i am so screweed...
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    Going To Fail!!

    Hey i feel your paiin.. i used to come first in every assessment and class test.. then suddenly i slowly dropped im not that bad now.. but i wish i was still number one ahaha..
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    2004 Biennale

    I wnt for school, i quite enjoyed it.. there was a lot of crap stuff there too.
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    How is you major work going?

    Mine is due on thurs to the school and i have so much to do. its not cos im lazy either its cos i have had soo many problems with screen printing, and the paints i have used etc.. its a disaster..
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    Should I do Art? (Yr10)

    I really enjoy art and you dont have to be really good at drawing or whatever to do it.. there are many options for the major work.. but the theory side is not easy.. so if you enjoy that too you should definately do it~ i love it
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    Class Sizes

    Why do you people post on the general maths topic if u are only going to say how u did 4unit maths? why are u in this topic
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    Major Design Project Outline and guide for Students

    Thnks alot. I find the folio really confusing.
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    Independant Trial and Answers

    Hey did you forget to put the paper up?