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    General Thoughts: Music 1

    I think questions 1 and 2 were my best two questions. After that it really went to the dogs. The last question was difficult, but I hope I've done enough to get a decent mark. I think a lot of people wouldn't have done very well in that exam.
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    Anyone have any Retail Services HSC exam/syllabus tips?

    Looking at the Retail Services HSC Syllabus, I know I am very confused. And I'm sure many others will be too. I have received my Certificate II, and so I've obviously completed all components, but because of this it is becoming very difficult to study. I was wondering if anyone on the forums...
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    Okay, How many P's

    Looking over this thread, I'd like to offer my input, even though this is 5 years old now. For the current syllabus (which incidentally I believe is retiring at the end of this year) there are actually 7 P's to remember. You have your basic four: price, product, promotion, and...
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    Marketing cheat sheet...?

    So basically I have my half yearly at 1pm tomorrow and I don't know ANY marketing content because I've been sick. I've been looking around at the documents section of this website, and mostly it's helped. As well as the HSC Marketing Cram app of course. But does anyone have any...
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    Possible to revise all of Marketing in one entire day?

    Half yearly at 1pm tomorrow. Don't know ANY marketing content because I've been sick. Looks like it's an all-nighter.