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    Is IPT worth it?

    I did my HSC in 2005, and am now doing Computer Engineering at UNSW. I found that IPT was a great course - ok, there was lots of definitions, or bookwork, etc, but, I managed to get a great topic for my project, had a lot of fun, and did well in the course. As for whether it helps at uni...
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    multiple choice...WTF?

    yeah, I think the ester (Ethyl pentanoate) is pineapple flavouring, but not certain on that. It is a flavour though (took back my textbook). Any of you 100% MC'ers know?
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    multiple choice...WTF?

    while I am here along with the rest of you looking at how I / you went, I have to relise that the BOS marks the paper, so i get to relax & realise that it's all over. I am not against talking abot the q's (i already have been), but it is such a relaxing feeling doing what i have just jone...
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    multiple choice...WTF?

    that's the answer (weak acid/salt of that acid) as for 15, thiosulphate/o2 ratio is 4: 1, but if you go through the equations, that halves again, = 0.30 i got 0.052% for the calc % whatever it was with the TDS one as well (yay, i can do some chem) - not my strongest subject. As for me...
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    Chemistry - General Thoughts

    that 7 marker - ended up using the page with a 6 line diagram, but used 2 more lines on base of page. My writing is tiny though (15-20 words/line) so that made it a full page:)
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    Actual Exam

    There's no such rule - we can take them with us. It's up to the individual exam center - for example, we can take the exam, but we can't leave before the end of the exam.
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    Option: AMS

    There was no AMS option so I started one so we can actually find out what we thought. Feel free to contribute! AMS - good except for the continuous/batch/discrete. I ended up writing 2, & crossing out the one that sounded weaker (ended up keeping continuous, which is typical car AMS...
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    When did you leave?

    Never a truer word spoken
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    Subwoofer Air Vent

    just thought - i think that the amp may be too big for the speakers (not always bad), but they are just peaking - & distorting, & hence sound bad. Maybe try some better speakers (borrow from a friend & try it), then you'll know whether it's the speakers or something before that. I like amps...
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    What is a communication protocol?

    TCP/IP is your best bet (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol I can guarantee you are using it now - all comp's on the net use it But others work (HTTP - yes) Handshaking (maybe?? - it's choosing a protocol, so prob not (soz)) Overall, it is the rules that govern the...
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    Section 1: Multiple choice

    13 was range check - so what wuld not work in the eqn is rejected i think
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    Section 1: Multiple choice

    i think 6 is a, cos of "data sorting" not being an analysis technique (i think) 7 i think is D, cos that is a network type (distriuted is a grey-area network "type")
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    Section 1: Multiple choice

    6 & 7 are my only maybe's after that - but i'm kinda sure of them too (anyone else know??
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    Option: Multimedia

    i agree that multimedia was nice - it was v straightforward the first question i did - did the whole paper backwards - worked well
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    IPT HSC 2005: General Thoughts

    i liked the exam. Multi & AMS options were fine. Guess i'll find out when the marks all come back
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    Section 1: Multiple choice

    1 b 2 c 3 a 4 d 5 b 6 a 7 d 8 c 9 b 10 d 11 b 12 c 13 c 14 a 15 b 16 a 17 c 18 d 19 c 20 c i think (that's what the BOS got anyway!)
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    Who hates this week?

    Ancient, IPT (tue) DONE! Chem (aaaghhh!!) Wed Physics (ok, that's alright) Fri I think I can equal some of your thoughts
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    How was the exam?

    mine made a full page, & i still stuffed it (.82) grr
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    How do you all Feel?

    Ancient/IPT (tue) Chemistry (wed) Physics (Fri) At least i'm half finished now. Cheering fri next week :)